Thursday, April 12, 2012

Richard Lee Calls it Quits After DEA RAID

Richard Lee is stepping down as the head or Oaksterdam University.
Richard Lee is the personification of ethical The cost of this harassment is going to be big.
Melinda Haag the evil bitch is systematically trying to destroy the medical cannabis community and we have to take action.
Prosecutors are abusing the seizure laws and tax laws.
The IRS is trying to TAX us to death.

Eric Holder is useless and culpable of treason.

This is the worse outcome after 15 years.
The sacrifices that have been made are incredible.
The movement has our guiding angels Dr Tod and Dr Mike and Jim McClelland and Tim Sidwell they continue to look out for the community .
We have done it once and will do it again.

Monday, November 29, 2010

AVID is Poison and Needs to be Banned from Cannabis Gardens

One of the Biggest Pain in the Butt about growing Cannabis is keeping the Garden Free of pests,mold and algae.

The BEST WAY is to have a Sterile Environment from the Very Beginning.

Try not to grow in Moldy environments like an Old Basement unless you Wall it in and Ventilate very well or you will regret it.

Mites are Fucked Up but can be Killed without using AVID.

I have been Looking on some sites on the Internet that have TERRIBLE ADVICE.

Truthfully AVID can be used if There is no Contact with Plants.The Problem is they are Spraying the POISON on the Plants and even Bragging about how it stays in the Clones for a few Generations.

I could not believe the IGNORANCE I was Reading.

I feel these are Greedy Youngsters who do not care.

This CANNA CARE Website was INSANE.

They say that THE TASTE is not Present.
How Frigging Ignorant can some of Us Potheads Be!

Keeping an Indoor grow under pest control is a Huge task.

I REPEAT the Cleaner the Environment to begin with the Less Pests.

Bad Ventilation and lack of filtering is the Number one reason.

BLEACH is Great Cleaner as Long as it does not get on the Plants( a little wont hurt)).Sulphur Stinks but is safer than AVID and discourages pests and mold.There are a few Natural Ingredients that work.I like Neem Oil,Eucalyptus oil and Peppermint Oil.Garlic has It's place also.

The Taste of The Buds are Important and residual Carcinogens are quite Unhealthy.AVID is a Carcinogen and I will say it again!
I can't Believe some Idiot is Telling Growers to Spray The Plants directly with AVID. Some Canna Care Site.

The HUGE grows will have to be Totally Sterile and have a Controlled entrance.Changing Clothes before and after leaving is a good Idea.Pests like to travel around on The Strangest Places and Hosts.

They will Hitchhike on You with a quickness.

I feel like taking a Political Shot at KAPLAN and REID while I can!

Having FOUR HUGE Warehouse Grows in Oakland is a s Crazy as Using AVID.

The smaller grows are easier to control.

Imagine a Huge Mite infestation in a warehouse,WOW!!

They better install the Best Ventilation system money will buy.Create an awesome air Flow and have the air Flow capacity high enough to Cleanse the air of The Bad Element.

Filters are Very Important.Just do not Let the air In from outside without filtering it first.Large Filter Boxes can be created using Wood and 4 inch duct Couplings on each end.Fill the Box with Three Filters.

When you change the Filters that is when you will see just how DIRTY the air is that comes from OUTSIDE.YUCK!!
Long Live Oaksterdam!

Please Grow a Product free of Pests and Chemicals.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mickey Martin and Tainted.

The Federal Government went after the Makers of Look Alikes.This raid was Spurned by Hershey and Their Anger over Brand Names being Mimicked.Tainted did a better Job making the Chocolate candies.They Used Girrard Chocolate.They had a Better Taste than a Hershey Product.They knew this and Were Jealous.Hershey may get in the business themselves one day.You will Kick Their Butt in Quality Mickey.

The Propaganda was as Bad as The Reefer Madness Days During the 1920s.When Kids were being used as Pawns in the Game of Politics.This is a Dirty Tactic.The Feds tried to make them Look real Evil when they Raided close to Halloween.Javier Pena really Tried his best to Label Tainted as the Evil Kid Drug Supplier.That is the Furthest from the truth and the Feds Know this but they are Programmed to Spew Propaganda.When will the Ignorance and Deceit end?

There were a few Big Sellers and That Irritated Hershey.The Candy was never sold to Kids and if the Feds DID had a Connection they would have been Quick to Exploit it.

The FEDS were Overzealous in this case.They Shot a Dog.I Hope "Doobie" Survived and is an Experienced Mascot.MEAN FEDS.The Federal Judges have More Compassion Than The NARCS and Prosecutors That's For Sure.I am Happy You did not Have to be Taken from Your Family and sent to Federal Prison for a Victimless Supposed Crime.Judge Patel Listens and has Compassion.The same with Breyer.They Piss off Hard Line Conservative Haters.OH WELL!!
You will be out of the Halfway House in the City soon and then The Whole Cannabis Community will be different.What a difference a couple years make.

I Feel You Speak Well Mickey and will have an Effect on the Future of Tainted Cannabis Products.You Still have Many Years Mickey.Us Older Army Veterans Like Eddy Lepp Hope to See this in Our Lifetime.They Still Hold Eddy as a POW.

Mickey Martin is not Through he is Young and will come back.The labels may be changed but the Product will be Good Medicine.Mickey is really speaking up for The Movement and The Prisoners of War such as Eddy Lepp the OLD MAN.Prison is TOO Cruel for Him.They keep Eddy because of the Huge Amount Eddy was Growing.He was Bold and It STILL is a BOLD statement.The Day will soon come when we all have a HUGE GET TOGETHER when the Federal Law has changed and Cannabis is Rescheduled OTC. GOD BLESS ALL

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jeff Jones and Dale Sky Clare Getting Married.

This is The Happiest Kind of Oaksterdam History in the Making.

The Cannabis Community Has a Two Top Notch Advocates that have decided to Get Married and that has created quite the Buzz in the Cannabis Community.

There Couldn't be a Better Match Made in Heaven.They are Perfect for Each Other and have many common Interests to say the least.Jeff Jones is The Cannabis Control Officer for Oakland since there has been a need for one.His Leadership and Example of How to Work with Local Politicians has been One of the Reasons Oaksterdam Has the Reputation it Enjoys Today.

Oaksterdams LA campus Chancellor Dale Clare was on her game when she represented Oaksterdam University and Explained to the USA on Fox News the Role The cannabis Community will have in the Future and How Schooling will Help Keep the Industry Ethical.I still get Tingly all Over when I watch her Interview.She was very Disarming and To the Point.Dale Sky Clare you Represent The Oaksterdam University in a very professional Manner.The cannabis Community can Use Many More Just Like You.

This is The Best Kind of Oaksterdam History in the Making.I am Still So Surprised!Jeff is a Very Patient and Pragmatic Human Being Dale.You are the Perfect Match for Him.He is a Very Professional Person so this is Out of His Character in some respects because of your Professional Relationship.I Bet Dale Made the First Move.She is a Very Assertive Lady.She Captivated The USA when FOX Interviewed Her.I will Say it Again!She Represented The Cannabis Community so well that Day That I Still Get Tingly Thinking About the Future.I Saw how the Players Acted in the Early Days of Oaksterdam.Principal Players like Jeff Took His Commitment to the City of Oakland Seriously.Good Things Like This happen for Jeff now because he deserves such Beauty in His Life because he Earned it!Dale Sky Clare is The Perfect Companion for Jeff Jones.I Will Just Go On and Say It.The cannabis Community has a First family in the Making.The Cannabis Community is Pro Gay and Pro Family.The Two worlds Mix together Perfectly in the Cannabis Community due to Mutual Respect for Ones Beliefs.The Cannabis Community in Oakland is one of the Most Diverse Communities there is.Oaksterdam is Diversity within Diversity.

The Inspiration's are Going to Happen.You Two are Just That Inspirational.This is Going to be very Good for the Cannabis Community when the Pro Family aspect is so Visible.That is Pro Family Gay and Straight.
Yes Jeff There are some Friends and Colleagues of yours that have passed away and will miss you getting married.They are watching and are very happy for the two of you.GOD BLESS ALL

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tim Sidwell RIP

Tim Sidwell was One of the many unselfish aids patients who have given their services at OCBC and for the Benefit of the Entire Medical Cannabis community.He was there when the Feds said no more OCBC and he along with Jim McClelland and OTHERS opened the ZOO.This was an IN YOUR FACE FEDS event and I was so damn impressed with their undying dedication and the HUGE risks they were taking.The Zoo was concentrating also on getting as many coop members as possible growing so they could contribute and be part of the WAVE that was unstoppable.They had a bunch of clones available.I can remember some Jack Herer clones and some from Dennis and Ed.I know they had a bunch of support behind closed doors and that was the MAGIC that made it work.The Zoo and Company are some of the True Heroes of the Early Days of Oaksterdam.They knew that were only a few dispensaries in existence and going to The City to Champs and Berkeley to Toms was a hassle and they did not have the selection that the Zoo had especially the clones.I am Picturing Tim right now in my mind behind the counter SMILING,that did it I'm welling up.The Zoo was the start of something big in Oaksterdam when there was a proliferation of clubs shortly afterward.The Zoos boldness inspired MANY to open their doors and the feds had their hands full if they wanted to control and prosecute.They were True Trail Blazers and Heroes.Tim Sidwell had his way of killing pain and he would even smoke Cocaine sometimes.Tim was the most Productive Coke user there ever was,he used it to FEEL BETTER and if it worked Good for Tim.He knew he was fading and his behavior didn't help but OH WELL!! I Understand the nurses at the hospital gave up trying to control Tim when he wanted to medicate.I was at BPG on Sixth Street when the news came down that Tim had passed away and the Entire place was Eerily quiet for awhile and then the place broke into a celebration of Tim Sidwells life an Impromptu wake and it was an emotional experience when everyone was there and they celebrated with Jim McClelland and Jeff Jones who were really bummed out over it.I was very upset myself but celebrated a heroes life and smoked Jims Bubbleberry. He was a big lovable Guy That Oaksterdam will always miss dearly.Thanks Tim you were Awesome!!

Jim McClelland and BPG

I can't say enough about the first CFO of OCBC.He was someone who gave his best to help others even though his own health was not always that good.That didn't show because he was not a whiner he was a WINNER.I am going to be welling up real soon as I do his.I really Appreciated Jims coaching and Andrews when I set a grow up.Jim was one of the gears that set OCBC in motion and When OCBC was shut down by the Feds he moved the location LESS than a BLOCK to 1734 Telegraph and The Zoo was born.The Zoo had a Large Selection of Medicine and many Clones that was one of the focuses of the Zoo was to get the Patients growing.The Clones came from many well known sources and the Support was BIG.That is when they realized that was not enough to quell the feds so Jim went to Berkeley and found a location on Sixth and he opened Berkeley Patients Group.The Zoo became The Oakland Patients Group and moved to 1901 Telegraph.BPGs 6th street location was magical and emotional when the news came down that Tim Sidwell had passed away.The Place became eerily silent for awhile and then BPG broke into a celebration of Tim's life.The Sixth Street Location was short lived because of NIMBYISM.He then found a location on San Pablo that was perfect.The Old Location for Berkeley Rentals.He had a great product at a decent price.He had a very aggressive Compassion Program that made his dispensary sort of sliding scale provider.BPG keeps track of purchases and gives rewards for being a good customer.Jim was a Generous man and was quite nice to me a few times when I had been busted and facing charges and hella broke.I really liked his Bubbleberry and feel it is not the same anymore.Jim's BOLD Move when he and others opened up the Zoo was A BIG Inspiration for many Players in Oaksterdam and proliferation of Dispensaries followed.Jim McClelland was also the one who coined the Name Oaksterdam when Andrew inspired the name by saying That Oaklands Cannabis Community needs a Name.Oaksterdam was Born and this is Oaksterdam History.Jim was an Ill man and it just never showed,He was such a doer and not a whiner.He left a Legacy that still funtions well and you can see his Picture on the Wall when you enter BPG.Say Hi to him next time he hears you his spirit is there and will always watch over along with Tim's and Dr Mikes and many other unselfish Providers who were Ill themselves yet gave unselfishly to the End.I say It's Too Bad You ALL are Not Here to See all the Future Cannabis Commerce and Tourism spurned by the Educators at Oaksterdam U.You would love it Jim.Thanks Jim McClelland you will never be Forgotten. GOD BLESS ALL

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jeff Jones President Green Aid and OCBC

Jeff Jones The City of Oakland's Cannabis Control Officer who takes the job very seriously and that has earned him the respect he deserves.Jeff and The Oakland Cannabis Buyers Coop took The Good Fight to the Supreme Court for the Right to Dispense Medical Cannabis to Patients that need the Relief.Jeff Jones is an advocate that has a True Passion for The Relief Medical cannabis has after seeing his father suffer and in his Home State and realizing later that cannabis could have been beneficial in helping him eat and cope with his illness.Jeff is a Pragmatic kind of Man who was perfect for the Job as Director of OCBC.His ethics and unselfish way of giving has assisted many patients who have had legal complications.He Understands the Impact being charged can have on a patient and was supportive of me and many others when Charges Were Filed Against us and helped us with the Legal Fight.The Patient Defense Fund was established to help Patients fight cultivation and possession charges and it saved my Butt,Thanks.Jeff was very thorough with establishing guidelines for Cultivation and having Literature available reflecting the different counties guidelines or lack of guidelines.Jeff had tried to communicate with many different jurisdictions during this critical period after the Law was passed about their medical cannabis policies.OCBC knew the Rogue DAs in the Really Conservative areas would be a Problem and they were.When Jeff and the OCBC staff contacted these different Jurisdictions about this issue they would either be assisted in establishing the guidelines or get the conservative runaround.He spent countless hours with the assistance of the Coop staff setting standards and working with these different jurisdictions to have written guidelines available for each region.This was important along with a Growers Certificate.Jeff has always had the Attitude that the more patients who grow for themselves the better.Jeff Jones and The Coop Set The Doctors note Verification and Id Card Standards for California.Jeff has also worked closely with many Doctors through the years From Dr Tod to Dr Mike in Helping to Document the Medical necessity of Cannabis.This is not only important in the medical cannabis community the Data will be useful in helping to establish the recreational use of cannabis and the Future Of Cannabis Tourism in Oaksterdam and The San Francisco Bay Area.Jeff is also very active in The Green Party and has been very successful in supporting joint projects in activism.Jeff Formed Green Aid with other Serious Activists to Support Eds Federal Cannabis Cultivation Trial.Jeff is Mr Green and Walks the Talk.He is in the Fight not only for quality medicine from God and Mother Earth but Jeff is extremely concerned about the effects That Ignorant Government Policy have on the environment and is "actively" participating to change the status quo.He is in the GOOD FIGHT in Many Levels.Jeff does not like Press and Prefers to sit on the sidelines and be a World Class Advocate.When he is called upon to Speak he is A Pro with the Press and is very careful not to give reporters anything they can use negatively.Jeff answers questions from the Hip real well.I see Oaksterdam has someone else who is great at that Role Now.Dale Clare was awesome on Fox Business and I can only imagine how pleased Jeff was.I was all emotional about the Future of Oaksterdam and I live in the City Lately.She answered the questions and came off really professional and Was very convincing in promoting The CANNABIS INDUSTRY and Oaksterdam University she was awesome.This is the kind of press Jeff,Richard,Countless Oaksterdam Players who played ethically and Many Fallen Heroes has worked very hard to make happen.Viable Credibility and Ethics have payed off for the Players who went The 501C3 Route and were The Setter of The Standards for the Industry.Jeff,The Bay Area and California Appreciates Your Hard Work and Dedication.Jeff worked with the City of Oakland to set dispensary guidelines and The Word went out From Jerry brown late 2002 and 2003 that Either go 501C3 or be History.The Ethical Dispensaries were already operating as non profits anyway.Of Course Jeff had his Say and influence and that is a GOOD thing.There has been Cries of Bad Politics and "Favors"and Jeff pulling Strings(Good Job Jeff).I feel the City made the Right Call because The "Others" Dug a hole and they ended up in it Whining when the Writing was on the Wall.Jeff was always weary that the Supply ethics could go awry and tried his best to keep the press positive but the Proliferation of Clubs in Oaksterdam had a life all it's own and some clubs had abhorable Greedy ethics(I Know).Karma and The Truth Prevailed in the End.This is the Goal I feel OCBC had I'm sure of it.Harborside is TOO BIG and I feel there will be many discussions in the future about the SIZE of Dispensaries and Jeff will be in the Middle.There will be a Compromise because More members do have buying Power and a Better Product because of the Draw of vendors but the small club atmosphere can't be beat.Jeff's job was to be real concerned about the Origin of supply and the Bad Element working it's way into Oaksterdam this was his commitment to the city.That is why he wanted the members growing and Being a COOP.Jeff has a very Utopian way of looking at the whole Picture and I feel the Same way.We can only hope most of the Players want to live up to a Standard of Ethics that will build credibility and kill the Stigma.Thank You Jeff Jone for your sacrifices and the risks you have taken.You were the Original Stealth delivery man with Matt Quirk.He did this with Dr Tods blessing and the thoughts of his own Fathers suffering still fresh in his mind motivating him to do his best.Jeff stepped up to fill a void when Dennis Peron was being Busted and Shut Down by Attorney General Dan Lungren in the City and the Patients needed the Medicine.This was one of Jeffs finest moments when he risked his freedom to deliver the Medicine in spite of a the Legal Complications.Jeff formed the OCBC with some Fallen Heroes and the rest is Oaksterdam History.Who knew that five years later the proliferation of clubs would become such a major issue.Jeff just keep on doing what you do so well.You are The Solid Foundation of Oaksterdam and will be available to insure the Cannabis Tourism industry in Oaksterdam will have a Code of Conduct. Thank You Jeff.

The Professionals and The Future of Bay Area Cannabis Tourism

Dr Tod Was the First Doctor Around willing to risk his license.He really understood the Effects Cannabis Has on Citizens and Documented this for many Years.

Bill Panzer May Have a Pleasant Demeanor Outside the Court but inside the Courtroom his name says it all.

The Professionals that have helped the Cannabis Community through the years is a Huge List and Growing.The Doctors,Attorneys,Nurses,Bookkeepers,Construction Trades,The Horticulturists,The Lab Techs,The Bakers and Confectioners,The Video and Audio Producers,The Sign Makers,The Printers and Many Others.Some have made Cannabis the Focus of their Profession some are just part of cannabis commerce.The point is the Cannabis Industry is growing and it takes Professionals to continue the excellence that has already been achieved.Dr Tod and Dr Mike have been instrumental in establishing the Medical necessity and even though they have passed away their work has had an enormous impact even today.The Reason is their work also establishes the Benefits of Cannabis verses the Side effects and this will be helpful in ridding the Industry of the Evil Stigmas that continue to haunt the industry and slow the inevitable down.Oaksterdam has had Attorneys like Robert Raich,Bill Panzer.Tony Serra,Dennis Roberts,Zenia Gilg,Danny Schultz,Omar Figueroa, they have all made cannabis and drug defense their main focus.The Other professions depend on these attorneys to keep the Businesses running legally and from being considered criminals because they use cannabis in their business.The Beyond Bomb case was overzealous prosecuting of Commerce.The Tainted candy Makers that pissed off Hershey(SLUDGE) everyone can understand that dispute and The Trade mark infringement(WAHHH)but when the labels were Unique and not mimicking anybody then it was just GOOD MEDICINE that received a bad rap because of the Tainted products case with Hershey(BLECHH).The Feds were playing REAL dirty when they filed charges around Halloween trying to make the Candy makers look like they were supplying Kids.This was game changing for the Edibles Market and then New labels appeared totally unique and mimicking nobody.I am going to be getting into the confection business myself with chocolate and TEA.The Cannabis Industry is just beginning and it's time to find a Niche.The stigma will disappear and we will finally not have to worry about anything but Ethics and Greed.The Oaksterdam University is training some of these future Trail Blazers and Richard has Excellent Business Ethics so it will be passed on in the University.When Dale Clare spoke on Fox Business it was magical.She was precise and came across very professionally and gave the Industry Credibility,Thanks Dale Clare.She was great and She was inspiring.Her inspiration reminds me of the Time when There was a proliferation of clubs.I see a proliferation of Ethical Cannabis Business being Spurned by Richard Lee and his vision for Oaksterdam and The Future of Tourism.The Dispensary industry needs to stay 501C3 for the most part and that will keep the Drug thugs from taking over.This goes for the Adult recreational sales business that will be growing as the laws change.There will be a need for some kind of Rules and Sensible Palatable Regulations.Professionals will have it no other way.The Anarchists of course think I'm crazy,they may be right about the Crazy part but there is a need for regulation so limits and restrictions are known.I am excited about the possibilities and where this can go as far as Amsterdam style Cafes and A whole bunch of cannabis products and service Related Business in the Tourism Sector.The List of professionals involved is just going to keep on growing.The Sky's the limit.Time to create and be totally unique.I want to develop a Hemp blunt wrap as soon as possible for the citizens to have a healthy alternative to the CIGARS they use now,YUCK!!!!!.I swore there was one on the market and then It is gone,what's up with that?Let's get busy, any Ideas? I am sure Richard can answer that with a positive quote.I would be willing to stick my as on the line for a healthy wrap and if I am arrested OH WELL!!I can't stand the smell of blunts so it will be a labor of love.I have been looking into the supplies and Manufacturing and it is quite a huge Production.The regulations suck when it is considered a smokeable product.The blunt wrap makers are running into legal complications launched by the Attorneys for The Tobacco Industry.I never realized there were so many rogue makers until I was researching the subject.I am concerned about the FLAVORED Tobacco Blunt Wraps and the Industry that sells Flavored Alcohol Caffeine drinks with Additives.The youth are poisoning themselves with Flavored CRAP.I guess maybe I am getting old but I still see a Stupid trend.I can see an entire generation of citizens that Will have cancers that could have been prevented.I totally believe in the cancer fighting properties of cannabis but that does not extend to Cigar Blunts.The Tobacco level is too high.This is why the industry is so important.The replacement products for unhealthy products are endless.I got that rush up my back again and really see a bright future for Cannabis as long as we use ethical business practices and pay our TAXES we will just be another tax paying stiff,OH JOY!!!It's crazy I have never seen a Group of Citizens so Willing and Insistent in paying taxes,were such damn Good Americans it's Great!! GOD BLESS ALL

Dr Mike Alcalay Medical Director OCBC

I was having a hard time remembering Dr Mikes last name and when I was researching him.Then I realized that is because he would always want to be remembered as just Mike.Dr Mike Alcalay was so not a Pretentious doctor and was such a Good listener when he was compiling the Research.Here was a Doctor dedicated to The Merits of Medical Cannabis and he was giving his best every day.This was so important to me because there was finally a community that thought the way I did about cannabis and they had educated people showing the good side not just a bunch of growers sitting around swapping war stories.I also liked the Professional Demeanor when Compared to what Dennis had been running in The City(Not that I didn't Love the place)and that is exactly what was needed at the time.Dennis is a true humanitarian but he was a bit loose when it came to allowing Members.When Mike was doing his research in 98 and I filled out some paperwork with Nurse Laura first and then did some kind of research questions and answer period with Dr Mike.The FACT that cannabis was a replacement medicine for the crap that the VA Shrinks were trying to feed me.I HATE Psych Meds they make me a Zombie and he heard that and documented it all.He was doing this kind of research on many patients in spite of his own affliction with aids.He knew from his own experience and listening to others that the herb was truly a medical experience for many.He was truly unselfish in his long hours around patients taking time to really listen to them and understand why cannabis helped them and Documented It all to present during the Federal Court proceedings.Long Before he was one of the founders of OCBC he was the Director of a clinic in Watsonville in 1975 helping migrant workers obtain health care.He also spent many years overseas,the research he did the most that interested me was the research on the effects of Politics of the Sandinista after they established their Government.I was in Nicaragua myself in the 70s and knew then that the people would not stand for Somoza's Brutal ways when they kept defacing his Portrait Posters all over with a big EL BRUTO written across it.I found it to be funny after a while and that did not go over well with my Superior Officers,LIKE I GAVE A SHIT!!Dr Mike understood my feelings about my roll in Nicaragua.He was happy to know that WE were not all on the same page with The Ultra Right wing Politics of Somoza and some of us Protested.Vietnam is where he really became actively involved in the politics against WAR and became an activist.Being an activist in the Armed Forces is risky business sometimes especially in his position of authority.The Armed Forces does not like Criticism within it's ranks one bit.Dr Mike had many years of Unselfish dedication to the Hippocratic oath.He was Wealthy in his True Value to the community and All who Loved Him and Respected Him not in the Bank.He had a lifetime of Adventures and was somewhat of an Adrenaline Junkie like many Vets are.I never really understood how sick he was he REALLY was giving so much that it just was not noticed and maybe that is exactly what he wanted not being the Martyr type.The World Community lost a Great member when he passed away.Mike is Missed By many Orginiztions he touched and gave so much to like Safe Access Now,Aids Research and Activism,Friend of WAMM,Contributor to O'Shuagnessy's and a Contributed to other research papers on cannabis and it's effects.I became Emotional when I watched Waiting to Inhale The PBS Documentary where he was such an Informative Advocate.Thanks Dr MIke you Were and Still are Awesome. GOD BLESS ALL

Bill Panzer Attorney at Law

The Number One Prop 215 Attorney.Devoted to The Cannabis Community.

Bill Has Taken on His Share of Rogue DAs and Federal Prosecutors.Give Em Hell Bill!

Bill Panzer is one of the Freedom Fighter Attorneys in the Mediacal Cannabis Community.Bill is an Attorney for Cal NORML and has taken his share of cases for NO FEE or Low Fee.He is a sliding scale lawyer(can't get more ethical than that)who has not become Excessively Wealthy using The Medical cannabis Law .He is in The Fight for The Sick Patients who need the Relief not for Money.Bill Panzer has been instrumental in the Prop 215 adjustments.He realizes the law was nebulous and allowed for Rogue District Attorneys to run amok.He has helped those who Assisted Patients and found themselves in a legal bind.His name alone just makes one feel better he is in the Battle to win.The Funniest Anecdote I can remember is A Prosecutor was so pissed off about his winning cases that they wrote Bill Panzer on a Target at The Firing Range,That's FUNNY!He no doubt has pissed of a few DAs and Police officers who thought for sure they had the situation handled and left with their tail(all rats have tails) between their legs.His Unselfish dedication to the Movement has helped many patients who were in the Clutches of An Ignorant Quest to hold to The line of the Federal Law in Spite of The State Law.I can understand what that feels like when The county that is Prosecuting You acts like there wasn't a State Law at all.This is still happening over Ten Years after the law was passed and the Current President is telling them All to Stop.The Federal Prosecutors can still Prosecute as Per The Federal Law..Some of these DAs even ignore there own Boss Jerry Brown and Bill Lockyer before him,Dan Lungren was Evil.The Reassurance an Attorney can give you when fighting a case is Golden.Bill Panzer can jump from one case to another not missing a beat and being Precise in all aspects.Yes Oaksterdam was truly Lucky to have had Bill Panzer around to Quell the Gnarling Prosecutors trying to ruin as many lives over cannabis as possible.He is a criminal defense attorney who handles drug cases and really concentrates on cannabis laws and helping eliminate the prohibition on cannabis.He is so unselfish about it I feel he would be happy not to make one more penny on the stupid cannabis laws.So next time your at a function and Bill,Omar,Tony ,Robert,Dennis start talking Legalese about some aspects of cannabis law and case law be sure to walk up and thank them for their dedication to OUR way of life. GOD BLESS ALL

Angel Raich and Diane Monson

Two Vey Brave Women.Thanks Ladies!

Angel Raich and Diane Monson are True Medical Cannabis Freedom Fighters.They took our case to Medicate all the way to the Supreme Court and for a moment onj Dec 16th 2003 The Patients won and then John Ashcroft filed his writs and Complaints and this time he was the respondent(DAMN).The case was heard in Reverse and for some stupid reason they won because the laws are written in such a manner that it is impossible to win without changing them.Angels husband Roberty Raich was the Attorney and he was awesome.The Following Organizations filed Amicus Curiae Briefs in support of Our Rights as a patient and are honored for trying,THANK YOU.Their efforts were not in Vain and there will be justice as soon as Society demands the laws be changed.The Organizations and Individuals are as follows:The Institute for Justice
,Constitutional Law Scholars,Patients from The Following States Alabama,Maryland,Louisiana,Mississippi,Washington and California.The Lymphoma Foundation,Hiv Medicine Patients,Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America,American Medical Students Association,Dr Barbara Roberts an Irvin Rosenfield.The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,Pain Relief Network,California Medical Association,Aids Action Council,Compassion in Dying Foundation,End of Life Choices,National Women's Health Network,Global Lawyers and Physicians and AUTONOMY Inc.,California Nurses Association and DKT Liberty Project,Marijuana Policy Project and Rick Doblin Phd,The CATO Institute,NORML ,NORML Foundation,National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers,Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers,Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and The Reason Foundation.THAT IS ONE HELL OF a Bunch of Support and Still the Archaic laws ended up prevailing.Then of Course all the Usual Type of Brainwashed Dogma Driven groups lined up Against the Patients as Follows:They Read like The Old Rolodex File on Nancy Reagan's Desk,The Drug Free America Foundation,The Drug Free Schools Coalition,Save our Society from Drugs,The International Scientific Medical Forum on Drug Abuse,The Institute on Global Drug Policy(REAL SICKOS),Students taking Action not drugs,Robert L Dupont MD,Peter Bonsinger and Herbert Kleber MD,The Following U.S. Representatives,Cass Ballenger,Dan Burton,Katherine Harris,Ernest Istook Jr,Jack Kingston,Doug Ose.The list is Half the size as the list of supporters and they are just the Generic Drug Haters.The Supreme Court may have ruled in favor of the Law but he Law will change.The Biggest Change in my opinion needs to be how it is scheduled.That will be the game changer.Thanks Angel Diane and Robert and all who gave their time and Effort FOR US.You ARE AWESOME Freedom and Civil Rights fighters.WE Shall Prevail in The End. GOD BLESS ALL

Thursday, May 6, 2010

They Came From All Over California

The 420 Highway Lead to Oaksterdam in those Early Days of Medical Cannabis.

The Patients that flocked to Oaksterdam in those days when there were very few cities that had a dispensary.Oakland had Eight.The Customers came from everywhere and they spent money in the cafes and store all around Oakland and it became obvious that the medical cannabis community was good for downtown business in General with a few problems associated with the business like Bag Snatchers and Armed robberies.They came from Fresno,Sacramento,San Jose,Monterey,Fairfield,Stockton and they were coming from LA and that was a long trip for meds.Then clubs started sprouting up and the competition was not as fierce.San Francisco had quite the Proliferation but LA had a BOOM that was heard around the world.The dispensary business is world news now and the stigma is slowly going away and Citizens will not be subjected to such long trips.I know someone right now who comes from Reno to San Francisco every month and he is pissed that there is no dispensary in Reno yet but they are working on it.The law is as nebulous as California's and more strict.Patients still come from all over but it is as a tourist now.I can see Amsterdam Style Tourism soon in Oakland and San Francisco and the real ethical players will have a shot at Permits more easily than others.The Industry can be kept simple and then the small quaint Dispensary cafes similar too The Bulldog, Sr-71, and The Lemon drop will appear and really expand the menu a little.Oaksterdam will be Blazing a Trail of Course.The Sky's the Limit and the Future will be awesome in Oaksterdams Tourism Future. GOD BLESS ALL

Richard Lee True Pioneer

There are not Many Dispensary Operators that want Cannabis Legal for everyone and are willing to spend what it takes to Draft This Tax Act and Actually gather the required signatures.Richard Lee and Company Did It! VOTE YES to Regulate and TAX.

The Bulldog was one of the First Dispensaries in California.Richard Lee and Company Opened Up the SR71 and When the City allowed only Four Clubs the Bulldog was Closed leaving The SR71 to Dispense From.That Club is Now Called Coffee Shop Blue Sky.COZY PLACE.

Richard is Also Part of The Bay Area AJNAG.This Group Consists of Many of the Principals in Oaksterdam.They are true Trail blazers and Pioneers all of them.The Future of Cannabis Commerce Looks Bright.The Internet is Going to be an Important Tool to Disseminate the Message.AJNAG plans to use the Internet to the Full extent of it's usefulness.Time to get E-Busy and Use the Internet.

Richard is a Down to Earth Ethical kind of Guy.His Leadership has been the Driving force behind the Tax and Regulate,Tax Act.Be Assured the Tax Act was Drafted by the Most Experienced Principals in the Business.

Richard believed in the Future of Cannabis Commerce so much They Opened an Institution of Higher Learning,No Pun Intended.The Oaksterdam University is Getting National and World Recognition.

Richard Lee is doing more to make the Cannabis Industry Legit than many other dispensary owners.Richard Lee had Brass Balls when he placed that ad in the Express for Oaksterdam University.He wanted the Citizens to realize the Historical contributions and that there are going to be Rules and Standards.This is what Richard has done when he opened up Oaksterdam University ignoring the Snickers and the Naysayers that say "He will never be Accredited."I read this one tax blog that slammed Richard and of course he was Super Conservative.They are looking for reasons to slam the entire industry.Ken Estes was real good at providing Fodder for the BS Dogma Cannon the Conservatives like firing at the Citizens to enhance the Lies.Richard is Good at not giving the Conservatives any Fodder whatsoever.Richard has The Best Spokesperson Dale Clare,She was Very Informative and Fielded the Questions in a Professional Manner and WAS CREDIBLE and Disarming.I was all emotional after listening to her On FOX Business and I know Richard and Jeff were pleased TOO.The Naysayers are Running out of excuses and I want NO MORE Surprises.The Old Drug war is worn out and they want any kind of scandal.I want ALL skeletons out of the closet and the stigma to be Beaten to death with the Truth.The industry will be seen policing itself and that is good.I can't sit on the sidelines and act like I did not see a train wreck in progress when Oaksterdam was at it's height.The Rush to dispense By any means Possible was not without it's Side effects.I know Richard and Jeff saw the Future and were true to their convictions .The rush to dispense left the ethics sidelined and that lead to conflicts and bad resolutions.The dispensary owners that did it right like Richard Lee EARNED the respect he has now.He did not question the validity of the requests he just did them.He did not like Shutting down The Bulldog and only dispensing out of SR71.He wanted two smaller ones instead of One Large One like Harborside.He did what was requested by now defunct Deborah Edgerly,Go Figure HUH!Richard has also kept the price of he medicine as low as he can considering the market is dictated by many factors.The REAL DEAL is 3800 to 4300 a pound and that makes it hard to charge less than 40 or 45 for an 8th.Richard then takes profits and puts them into Oaksterdam.The University is a Trail blazer and now there is someone setting up an on line Cannabis University.The biggest mistake they can make is to help Ken Estes continue his Farce about being the Founder of The Grandaddy(Salmon Creek Big Bud x Urkle).I was in Humboldt when Ken put out the requests for The Grandaddy clones himself in winter 2003 and then he is the founder a Year Later.The Truth will prevail.I see the reason that there are now just a few clubs ETHICS!!Richard wasn't making side deals for QPs to 10 pounds in the side room and moving major weight out of the dispensary.The City ASKED for Best Practices and 501C3s and that was not happening everywhere but some clubs were setting an Example.Richard Lee has a motley crew of Awesome personalities working with him that have Ethics.They are setting the Standard we can trust and passing that on to other citizens so they can continue the Good Fight and Establish Cannabis Commerce in their Region.The Cannabis Cafes may just spring up From Eureka to Palm Springs who knows what the Future may bring.I know Richard thinks this way all the time and actually Keeps it Rather Simple(not planning EMPORIUMS) at the Same Time.The Club Zs of the Future need to also be non profit Quaint and have a social impact by sponsorship of Social Dependence Reform.The Future may see a Bunch of Club Zs helping Idle Citizens Collecting Benefits to become Productive and Independent.Who knows the Good that can be accomplished with 501C3s and The Right Planning when The Impact of the Empathy of The Cannabis Community materializes and embraces these social Issues and actually makes headway where other groups have failed.Time for Us To Shine!Richard Lee believes in OUR Cannabis Commerce Future and Commitment for Social Reform.Thanks Richard Lee.GOD BLESS ALL

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ed Rosenthal The Guru of Ganja

There is No Doubt What Impresses Me The Most About Ed.That is The Fact that he Never Hid.He always published Cannabis writings and evaluations that were accurate and from hands on experience.He was not afraid to say that in HIS NAME.He Never made up a Fake Persona like many do to avoid Being Prosecuted.He Put Himself Out There for the Good of the Movement.Then When they Prosecuted him he Never even Thought about A DEAL.He Took The Fight To The Feds.He had Big Time Attitude About it!!The Deal Was He Was Right and The Government was Wrong.YOU ROCK ED!!

I No Doubt Love Ed Rosenthal but you would not think so when I make cracks about him.Sorry Ed you are a Big Narcissistic Target that I Love Dearly.Ed Rosenthal is a Narcissist with Credentials.He Does Know It All when it Comes to Cannabis!He is a true American Cannabis Advocate that has taken the fight all the way to the Supreme Court and Lost but it was an important Fight.He is still in the Feds face and would not accept the conviction period.Ed was a man who was an early pioneer in the Cannabis Advocacy Department.He wrote books and was a columnist for High Times and wrote many other articles that were great and informative.He was in the City when Dan Lundgren was messing with Dennis and he grew and distributed GOOD medicine through OTHERS.He really entered the battle though when he was deputized by Oakland to grow cannabis and was busted by the Feds.He was convicted but the conviction was overturned by the 9th District Court of Appeals.He then was tried again and convicted.He was not allowed to argue that he was a deputy of Oakland and That was Wrong and they Screwed ED Good. Judge Breyer tried to make up for what he Knows is a travesty by only sentencing him to A Day and Time Served.Ed Bitched about that because he was still convicted Federal Felon and that had implications that he does not need besides it was a Shallow victory and he knew it he wanted what was right he wanted full acquittal on all counts.He was Acquitted of the Charges stemming from the Harm Reduction Center Raid.When prop 215 was passed he worked with local authorities to help implement a safe supply.He is a Big Harm Reduction Fan and I expect to hear from him soon in the political fight for legalization in California just before we go to the ballot box.He has been a long time resident in the Hills of Oakland and was helping to supply some of the early Clubs but he knew himself that his ties to High Times Magazine and his Years of Being an Advocate wouldn't go unnoticed by the Feds nor does it have a Medical Appearance.So when he did finally get in the Spotlight he was Slammed Down Hard by the Brutal FEDS.Ken Hayes went to Canada and is just now facing the Feds Fury.James Halloran got Screwed too.The crowd at the Commonwealth Club chanting FEDS GO AWAY still bring tears to my eyes ED I was there and I had my Heart in it.I know what it feels like to be persecuted for cannabis is sucks.Ed Is An Important Asset to Oaksterdam University and What he does isn't work it's Love.He is Co Founder of The Bay Area Chapter of Ajnag which is Involved in The E-Future of Cannabis(Great Work).Ed is satisfied for the most part now with being an expert witness(he CHARGES of Course)and writing an Article now and then and Teaching at Oaksterdam University.That's All!!I am Quite grateful that you were a contributor to the Patient Defense Fund.Thanks for that Kindness Ed.You are an Activist who cares About the safety of all and a Big Hero TOO.When you announced to the crowd at a Green Function in San Francisco once that you had no underwear on under you Toga it was as FUNNY as Can Be but Strange.Jeff Blushed he was in the Audience passing around a Vapor Bag.That's what Makes you so Damn Interesting Ed You Have the Balls to say What's on Your Mind.Thanks Ed for Fighting The Good Fight. GOD BLESS ALL

The Lemon Drop

Mark Belote Opened a Cozy Cannabis Dessert Spot.The Lemonade was Great.

The Chocolate Decadance Cake was out of this world.Sorry it was Not tainted and was available to Everyone.The Dispensary was Downstairs and The Goodies Upstairs.

Mark Belote was a real go-getter who opened a very Artsy dispensary and chocolate Seller.He had Nice Artwork all over the Dispensary showing his taste and appreciation for the Art World.His Chocolate Cake was GOOD and the Cannabis to go with it was the Highest Grade for 50 bucks.Mark had some very good kief and hash that everyone liked.The Girls he had dispensing were Sweethearts and I can remember them working elsewhere in the System I wish them well.Mark is a Very friendly man who would always take time to talk.He had plans to expand and wanted to become wheelchair accessible but that would have been TOO expensive.He had to many Issues that were hard to resolve so he was closed Down.It was SAD for the Lemon Drop to be closed down it had it's own little distinct Personality that Harborside can't duplicate.These sort of small cozy clean and Artsy clubs need to always be allowed,I feel that this will be sort of the way to go With Club Zs.Marks Club was a Club Z just too early,DAMN!!Mark Loves everyone and was not a Snobby Club Owner at all.He never had a problem with Ken (like Larry) he liked Ken and also purchased medicine from him a couple times.I can remember him saying Ken Picked the Business up here Big Time and he admitted it.He is not a spiteful person and I expect to see him pop up somewhere if he hasn't already and I just don't realize it.The Proliferation of Clubs was Great and should have stayed that way.Every club had it's own little personality that HARBORSIDE will never have.Lemon Drops personality was awesome.I will never forget The Lemon Drop Mark and your Damn good Chocolate Cake and Lemonade. GOD BLESS ALL

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Andrews Grow Shop and Class

Andrew Glazier is a very important early Player in Oaksterdam History with his extensive Knowledge of Cannabis Growing.He Opened a grow shop next to the coop and took risks selling Light Fixtures and nutrients because he was exposed to the Feds.He was threatened by the Feds and I think that made him turn over the shop to someone else.He was quite the explainer for me when I was confused how much water and how long to soak during Hydrponic water fills.THe Champagne Gals Mist the roots.Taking a look at the Grow Jim McClelland had in the Glove Building,The Zoo(In your face FEDS) and his place in Jack London Square Area long ago was also a learning experience and I was honored and hella lucky to be trusted.I found there are so Many ways to grow.Some prefer to let the roots be in the water all the time and some soak cubes.Andrew explained the different ways to me the in the most simple way and he explained exactly what to put in DIRT when I was using that.I prefer DIRT and Nutrients as well as many other Growers now.Hydrponics is too picky and easy to make mistakes and the damn Algae was FUCKED.He helped me through it ALL.Andrew went back into Partial Absentia and GREW his ASS off and luckily he never caught a bad case.Andrew has had an angel on his shoulder for awhile.I could never figure out what he did with the Grow shop supply store on Broaway but Somehow I believe that growing was important and having connections that could have legal implications for just supplying a Product for cannabis was too great. I also believe many people in the cannabis community have no idea how much these people risk when supplying these kind of supplies.The FEDS totally came down on Advanced nutrients because they worked so well.I love those nutrients.The beneficial Bacteria are a good addition.I have made root mass Double easily in 10 days.Andrew was a founding memeber of OShaugnesseys.He has served the cannabis community well.Jeff picked him as well as Richard does now because I believe he is one of the most underrated Experts in the business.I put him in the TOP TEN he knows his shit.Then he is a very easy going man who is not even close to Narcissistic like some of the other Experts.

Larrys Compassionate Caregivers

The Compassionate Caregivers on the Third floor have always had the Commercial attitude and High Prices.He has been moving all over California like Ken and never really ran into problems until of all the Places Hollywood was being ASSHOLES and LA finally came down on the Vague USE permits.He had ambitious expansion plans that always run into problems.Larry ran into problems when his old location at 1740 Telegraph(The Third Floor)was raided and the HUGE grow shut down.THe Case Against Beyond Bomb was a dispensary Exterminator and also took down some effecient not so stealth growers.Thank God they didn't keep on going in this area because the Feds would have a field day.Larry went from the third Floor location at 1740 Telegraph to a store on Broadway/21st for a moment.The City still said NO!!I can't understand Why they were doing nothing WRONG but overcharging a bit!!This is when Larry went on his Statewide Campaign to dispenses cannabis that was Bold.I really like Drew one of his Employees who also had a link to the Butte County cannabis community like I did and was not Greedy.Sparky Rose tried doing his own thing but he was still considered a part of the Organization and had a hard time breaking free of Larry's and CCs Stigma and The Mission St Collective was turned upside down when THe Charges were filed.The Beyond Bomb Boys had really hemmed themselves into a corner when they used the Labels that were so close to Hersheys products and Hershey started throwing Lawyers at the whole damn thing.That kind of Label Mimicking lead to legal Stupid Provoked complications.Mike one of his Buyers split off and started the Green Door and a Scandal Rumor followed him and Luckily THe Feds haven't messed with The Green Door.Larry also had a decent Northern Connection but he Charged more for the Real Deal.Larry always had some decent high grades and a variety.CC had some BOMB Kiefy Romulan that was real tasty and some M39 that was incredible.Larrys TOO FAST thinking and trying to open up a dispensary everywhere put him in the Big Boys Radar and he really blew it when he could not Control the behavior around "The Yellow House"in West Hollywood.The LA Sheriffs had a hard on for Larry and he did not Squash it.The Yellow House started to get the kind of Bad Reputation The Brick House had for Ken Estes in Berkeley. I think Larry is a great advocate that will become well established in California's Cannabis business he may have been sentenced but time passes by quickly and he will come back.He hopefully will not succumb to the WEED Emporium mentality but has come CLOSE.I can remember when Larry kept copies of the Express on his table with "The Devil in The Wheelchair" Article made available along with The "When Pot Clubs go Bad" article by Chris Thompson.Ke Estes did not bad mouth Larry but Larry bad mouthed Ken.Ken was busy selling herb across the street and I was making deliveries from Humboldt.Larry's employees used to sneak into Kens dispensary because we were selling a damn good product.So was all of Oaksterdam. Larry was a very good speaker at City Hall so I really do not understand what he did wrong besides grow TOO MUCH at his dispensary and charge too much.The West Hollywood location was his downfall.The Feds Have really pulled the Plug on Larry but he will come back someday.OH WELL GOD BLESS ALL

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Steve DeAngelo Top Notch Cannabis Advocate

Steve De Angelo Operates a Top of The Line Bright and Shiny Dispensary.
Steve is a CLASS ACT !

HOWEVER I feel that Steve De Angelo IS SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO COMMERCIALIZE CANNABIS AND BE A POT CEO.He really riled me up when he said BIGGER DISPENSARIES and less of them is the way to go.SCREW THAT,this is the type of thinking that clogs our medical system WITH PRICE GOUGING to begin with.He has a Dispensary that charges too much for Concentrates and Buds are priced according to growers and deals made,Harborside Charges 60 dollars an Eighth Sometimes for the highest grade.
That is High but is WAS GOOD.

I have seen that same price elsewhere for schwag in the CITY.
Harborside is a bit higher but the quality is good most of the time.The Summer months are the best test for a club and price and quality.The Pre Harvest Prices can be a bit high.The Buds are priced fair and they need to lower the price of concentrates.
Harborside has many FREEBIES that are NICE but are subsidized through the Price.I think the sit down and write a letter to a POW is an outstanding idea.The BIG PROBLEM I HAVE though is the fact that the place is huge and that is what seems to be Oaklands Medical Cannabis Future.

The small club mentality is being MURDERED!!

Please NO LARGER "Buds Are Us" Emporiums Please.The Lemon Drop just came to my mind Damn I loved that place.Mark Belote was a pleasant host.

The grower as everyone knows is always the one who makes out.Harborside Grows some of his Stock and of course has many vendors to keep up with the demand and Harborside is making MONEY and investing it in Expansion and They give Compassion to those in dire need all you have to do is sit down and write a POW a letter.Haborside has a price that is 10 dollars higher than the Green Door in the City and 15 higher than Richard.He has some grades he calls High grade for 40 and 45 and I think they are Boo Boo SCHWAG.I know my medicine and Ken still brings in some good product even though he charges 50 and is not in Oakland in a physical sense.Ken has been moving Grandaddy Purple and He still brings QUALITY product to a certain dispensaries.That GODS Gift that has been floating around is HUMBOLDT quality.Richard has a decent Eighth at a better price but the quality varies.The quality varies with it being outstanding sometimes and just OK other times but it is worth the money.That is the same for many other ORGS that also charge more than they should but have the REAL DEAL.A Huge Reality is that GROWERS can make more from LA and other venues and that dictates the price in the medical community but growing ON PREMISES can help bridge the gap but it is a High Security risk.The Big Huge Places have to go through so many checkpoints it becomes almost impersonal but it needs to be done.The STREET THUGS find a way to obtain the REAL DEAL like anyone else.They tend to use big places like Harborside but that is IMPOSSIBLE to control once it leaves the premises.Some Clubs like The GREEN DOOR in the City get a REP for serving Questionable clients.This is the reason for Club Zs then Who Cares?Harborside has a bunch of youngsters just like a few others but no one criticizes them for it because they have CARDS so WHO CARES but a Total idiot.Steve DeAngelo is a TRUE Advocate of cannabis and has Grandiose Plans I hope he Splits up and has More smaller personal Locations .Everyone has their opinion and I have mine.He has been at the forefront of safe extraction methods for concentrates and that is real good.He was and still is a professional advocate but His Corporate Thinking is not inclusive.He has the BIG way of approaching it that Irks some of us I am not alone.I get most of my meds from up north and the City so it is not MY problem.He is a bit elite and a Seeker of Followers Big time.The same for many club owners I suppose.Jack Herer his friend was totally different but they both are awesome activists.RIP Jack.Why did he start thinking SO BIG.Steve you really came off as an Exclusive elitist when you said such a thing.Oaksterdam was founded on smaller more personal clubs.I can see a Compromise if there is an allowance for SMALL competition.I REALLY WAS IRKED by the Statement he made about WEED EMPORIUMS.We didn't see Richard Trying to have a huge space and hogging market share he was opening a school TOO.
Steve DeAngelo provide a service that is very well organized and most of the PRICING is not his CALL.
The Prices are Determined by THE LAW,Prosecutions,THEFT and POLITICS.

To the CITIZEN who commented on how much cash Steve DeAngelo HIMSELF is making PERSONALLY.HE HAS GREAT PERKS and He pays himself less than one would think and does give compassion out PERSONALLY to many people.

YES THE PRICE IS TOO HIGH and Mostly due to many reasons.Steve is taking a HUGE RISK heading up such an ORG..
Harborsides CUT isn't as much as one would think when he is paying most of the CASH directly to the GROWERS.Growing large amounts is EXPENSIVE,A HUGE LEGAL RISK,A HUGE SECURITY RISK,TOO DAMN POLITICAL and NOT EASY.You do not think so GROW SOME.
UNTIL the Laws change protecting the GROWERS there will be disparity in pricing.Steve grows SOME HERB and could hardly GROW all he sells without a huge LEGAL RISK so truth be known most of what you pay goes to the GROWER for taking a RISK BIG TIME.
It isn't EASY.SCOTTY Can't Beam it up and Back down.
Running Cannabis made me a NERVOUS WRECK !!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pete Sutton Hash Oil King

Some of the most Pure Medicine in US History was produced by a Man named Pete Sutton.Pete Sutton made hash oil using the commercial grade ether method that many tried to copy and could not.Pete was told by the Feds after they busted him that his oil was anywhere from 96 to 98 percent THC and that is why it was the purest form of instant cannabis there ever was.The last VIAL of Petes OIL was saved by Kathleen Lemons and was presented to Kelly Sutton(his Widow) one day while we(Kelly and I) visited Kathleen(Kelly was a Good friend then)and KELLY SHARED IT WITH ME AND I WAS FLATTERED TO SAY THE LEAST.Kelly was in tears while we medicated thinking of her Late Husband Pete.I am NOW!!I never grew tired of her talking about Pete and I was smitten for her no doubt she was MY KIND of WOMAN.We eventually went our own ways and I expect to run into her again when the time is right.Pete Sutton delivered the Oil to only a few lucky vendors.Ken Estes was one of those.He liked Tom L from "Berkeley" also and Delivered to Jim McClelland.He lived in Oakland for awhile before moving to Reno.He loved the Oaklnad hills and lived close to Ed he said.I think he delivered some of the best OIL and concentrates ever to Oaksterdam.He would always stop off and leave 30 vials with Ken at least then go the CHAMPS and THe Hemp Center in the City and Jim McClelland and Tom L.Pete liked Ken Estes and Ken like him.Pete would get his ether from Olaff and Chemicals for Research and Industry in East Oakland before the Feds shut his doors.Jerry Brown made it clear that the days of ETHER extraction are over and he will prosecute anyone who does it now.The process is dangerous but Pete was careful and did only small batches and worked hard.I was privvy to the process and I feel it DIED with Pete because I will respect Jerrys wishes,HE's right it's dangerous.Pete was quite the Character and I am smiling thinking of him and Kelly.That damn Black Ice in April 2001 near Reno off Hwy 89 and that was it for Pete. GOD BLESS ALL

Jack Herer RIP


Jack Herer has died a couple days after my aunt.This is a bad week for deaths.He no doubt was one of the Older Advocates who will be missed at hemp festivals this year.He had a heart attack and never really truly recovered.He did have some great moments and I was at one of them when he really worked a crowd.I will never forget talking with him for a couple minutes during an Oregon Hemp festival.I was surprised to See him because I heard he was ILL and He seemed real jovial.He was medicating and just enjoying PEOPLE like he always did at these functions.Your strains are Kinda old school now but still good if you grow it for an extra long cycle(9 weeks)they will be better.His books were always informative and I needed some of his advice and received it because he would answer an EMAIL.Pete Sutton the OIL man loved Jack and he loved Pete.Now there both gone Damn!!THANKS JACK GOD BLESS ALL