Friday, May 7, 2010

Dr Mike Alcalay Medical Director OCBC

I was having a hard time remembering Dr Mikes last name and when I was researching him.Then I realized that is because he would always want to be remembered as just Mike.Dr Mike Alcalay was so not a Pretentious doctor and was such a Good listener when he was compiling the Research.Here was a Doctor dedicated to The Merits of Medical Cannabis and he was giving his best every day.This was so important to me because there was finally a community that thought the way I did about cannabis and they had educated people showing the good side not just a bunch of growers sitting around swapping war stories.I also liked the Professional Demeanor when Compared to what Dennis had been running in The City(Not that I didn't Love the place)and that is exactly what was needed at the time.Dennis is a true humanitarian but he was a bit loose when it came to allowing Members.When Mike was doing his research in 98 and I filled out some paperwork with Nurse Laura first and then did some kind of research questions and answer period with Dr Mike.The FACT that cannabis was a replacement medicine for the crap that the VA Shrinks were trying to feed me.I HATE Psych Meds they make me a Zombie and he heard that and documented it all.He was doing this kind of research on many patients in spite of his own affliction with aids.He knew from his own experience and listening to others that the herb was truly a medical experience for many.He was truly unselfish in his long hours around patients taking time to really listen to them and understand why cannabis helped them and Documented It all to present during the Federal Court proceedings.Long Before he was one of the founders of OCBC he was the Director of a clinic in Watsonville in 1975 helping migrant workers obtain health care.He also spent many years overseas,the research he did the most that interested me was the research on the effects of Politics of the Sandinista after they established their Government.I was in Nicaragua myself in the 70s and knew then that the people would not stand for Somoza's Brutal ways when they kept defacing his Portrait Posters all over with a big EL BRUTO written across it.I found it to be funny after a while and that did not go over well with my Superior Officers,LIKE I GAVE A SHIT!!Dr Mike understood my feelings about my roll in Nicaragua.He was happy to know that WE were not all on the same page with The Ultra Right wing Politics of Somoza and some of us Protested.Vietnam is where he really became actively involved in the politics against WAR and became an activist.Being an activist in the Armed Forces is risky business sometimes especially in his position of authority.The Armed Forces does not like Criticism within it's ranks one bit.Dr Mike had many years of Unselfish dedication to the Hippocratic oath.He was Wealthy in his True Value to the community and All who Loved Him and Respected Him not in the Bank.He had a lifetime of Adventures and was somewhat of an Adrenaline Junkie like many Vets are.I never really understood how sick he was he REALLY was giving so much that it just was not noticed and maybe that is exactly what he wanted not being the Martyr type.The World Community lost a Great member when he passed away.Mike is Missed By many Orginiztions he touched and gave so much to like Safe Access Now,Aids Research and Activism,Friend of WAMM,Contributor to O'Shuagnessy's and a Contributed to other research papers on cannabis and it's effects.I became Emotional when I watched Waiting to Inhale The PBS Documentary where he was such an Informative Advocate.Thanks Dr MIke you Were and Still are Awesome. GOD BLESS ALL

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