Friday, May 7, 2010

Bill Panzer Attorney at Law

The Number One Prop 215 Attorney.Devoted to The Cannabis Community.

Bill Has Taken on His Share of Rogue DAs and Federal Prosecutors.Give Em Hell Bill!

Bill Panzer is one of the Freedom Fighter Attorneys in the Mediacal Cannabis Community.Bill is an Attorney for Cal NORML and has taken his share of cases for NO FEE or Low Fee.He is a sliding scale lawyer(can't get more ethical than that)who has not become Excessively Wealthy using The Medical cannabis Law .He is in The Fight for The Sick Patients who need the Relief not for Money.Bill Panzer has been instrumental in the Prop 215 adjustments.He realizes the law was nebulous and allowed for Rogue District Attorneys to run amok.He has helped those who Assisted Patients and found themselves in a legal bind.His name alone just makes one feel better he is in the Battle to win.The Funniest Anecdote I can remember is A Prosecutor was so pissed off about his winning cases that they wrote Bill Panzer on a Target at The Firing Range,That's FUNNY!He no doubt has pissed of a few DAs and Police officers who thought for sure they had the situation handled and left with their tail(all rats have tails) between their legs.His Unselfish dedication to the Movement has helped many patients who were in the Clutches of An Ignorant Quest to hold to The line of the Federal Law in Spite of The State Law.I can understand what that feels like when The county that is Prosecuting You acts like there wasn't a State Law at all.This is still happening over Ten Years after the law was passed and the Current President is telling them All to Stop.The Federal Prosecutors can still Prosecute as Per The Federal Law..Some of these DAs even ignore there own Boss Jerry Brown and Bill Lockyer before him,Dan Lungren was Evil.The Reassurance an Attorney can give you when fighting a case is Golden.Bill Panzer can jump from one case to another not missing a beat and being Precise in all aspects.Yes Oaksterdam was truly Lucky to have had Bill Panzer around to Quell the Gnarling Prosecutors trying to ruin as many lives over cannabis as possible.He is a criminal defense attorney who handles drug cases and really concentrates on cannabis laws and helping eliminate the prohibition on cannabis.He is so unselfish about it I feel he would be happy not to make one more penny on the stupid cannabis laws.So next time your at a function and Bill,Omar,Tony ,Robert,Dennis start talking Legalese about some aspects of cannabis law and case law be sure to walk up and thank them for their dedication to OUR way of life. GOD BLESS ALL


  1. Well, we'll see how well Panzer does with the IRS, et al seeking and assembling records. You say that he realized the law is nebulous. Agreed, it is.

    Didn't he help draft it?

    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how the state law is drafted if the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution is in force.

    Let's be honest about the supposed patients. There are some, and every time your industry wants something, out come the sick, the lame and the blind. But that's not who frequents "dispensaries." the vast majority of patrons are young and middle aged people who look almost as fit as Popeye, Superman and Wonder Woman.

    Prop. 215 was the first stage to legalize marijuana generally. It failed because the public saw that it was a scam after we all saw one too many "dispensaries" serving fit if characteristically slow moving potheads ambling in and out.

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  3. ya have to live it Mario


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