Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mickey Martin and Tainted.

The Federal Government went after the Makers of Look Alikes.This raid was Spurned by Hershey and Their Anger over Brand Names being Mimicked.Tainted did a better Job making the Chocolate candies.They Used Girrard Chocolate.They had a Better Taste than a Hershey Product.They knew this and Were Jealous.Hershey may get in the business themselves one day.You will Kick Their Butt in Quality Mickey.

The Propaganda was as Bad as The Reefer Madness Days During the 1920s.When Kids were being used as Pawns in the Game of Politics.This is a Dirty Tactic.The Feds tried to make them Look real Evil when they Raided close to Halloween.Javier Pena really Tried his best to Label Tainted as the Evil Kid Drug Supplier.That is the Furthest from the truth and the Feds Know this but they are Programmed to Spew Propaganda.When will the Ignorance and Deceit end?

There were a few Big Sellers and That Irritated Hershey.The Candy was never sold to Kids and if the Feds DID had a Connection they would have been Quick to Exploit it.

The FEDS were Overzealous in this case.They Shot a Dog.I Hope "Doobie" Survived and is an Experienced Mascot.MEAN FEDS.The Federal Judges have More Compassion Than The NARCS and Prosecutors That's For Sure.I am Happy You did not Have to be Taken from Your Family and sent to Federal Prison for a Victimless Supposed Crime.Judge Patel Listens and has Compassion.The same with Breyer.They Piss off Hard Line Conservative Haters.OH WELL!!
You will be out of the Halfway House in the City soon and then The Whole Cannabis Community will be different.What a difference a couple years make.

I Feel You Speak Well Mickey and will have an Effect on the Future of Tainted Cannabis Products.You Still have Many Years Mickey.Us Older Army Veterans Like Eddy Lepp Hope to See this in Our Lifetime.They Still Hold Eddy as a POW.

Mickey Martin is not Through he is Young and will come back.The labels may be changed but the Product will be Good Medicine.Mickey is really speaking up for The Movement and The Prisoners of War such as Eddy Lepp the OLD MAN.Prison is TOO Cruel for Him.They keep Eddy because of the Huge Amount Eddy was Growing.He was Bold and It STILL is a BOLD statement.The Day will soon come when we all have a HUGE GET TOGETHER when the Federal Law has changed and Cannabis is Rescheduled OTC. GOD BLESS ALL

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jeff Jones and Dale Sky Clare Getting Married.

This is The Happiest Kind of Oaksterdam History in the Making.

The Cannabis Community Has a Two Top Notch Advocates that have decided to Get Married and that has created quite the Buzz in the Cannabis Community.

There Couldn't be a Better Match Made in Heaven.They are Perfect for Each Other and have many common Interests to say the least.Jeff Jones is The Cannabis Control Officer for Oakland since there has been a need for one.His Leadership and Example of How to Work with Local Politicians has been One of the Reasons Oaksterdam Has the Reputation it Enjoys Today.

Oaksterdams LA campus Chancellor Dale Clare was on her game when she represented Oaksterdam University and Explained to the USA on Fox News the Role The cannabis Community will have in the Future and How Schooling will Help Keep the Industry Ethical.I still get Tingly all Over when I watch her Interview.She was very Disarming and To the Point.Dale Sky Clare you Represent The Oaksterdam University in a very professional Manner.The cannabis Community can Use Many More Just Like You.

This is The Best Kind of Oaksterdam History in the Making.I am Still So Surprised!Jeff is a Very Patient and Pragmatic Human Being Dale.You are the Perfect Match for Him.He is a Very Professional Person so this is Out of His Character in some respects because of your Professional Relationship.I Bet Dale Made the First Move.She is a Very Assertive Lady.She Captivated The USA when FOX Interviewed Her.I will Say it Again!She Represented The Cannabis Community so well that Day That I Still Get Tingly Thinking About the Future.I Saw how the Players Acted in the Early Days of Oaksterdam.Principal Players like Jeff Took His Commitment to the City of Oakland Seriously.Good Things Like This happen for Jeff now because he deserves such Beauty in His Life because he Earned it!Dale Sky Clare is The Perfect Companion for Jeff Jones.I Will Just Go On and Say It.The cannabis Community has a First family in the Making.The Cannabis Community is Pro Gay and Pro Family.The Two worlds Mix together Perfectly in the Cannabis Community due to Mutual Respect for Ones Beliefs.The Cannabis Community in Oakland is one of the Most Diverse Communities there is.Oaksterdam is Diversity within Diversity.

The Inspiration's are Going to Happen.You Two are Just That Inspirational.This is Going to be very Good for the Cannabis Community when the Pro Family aspect is so Visible.That is Pro Family Gay and Straight.
Yes Jeff There are some Friends and Colleagues of yours that have passed away and will miss you getting married.They are watching and are very happy for the two of you.GOD BLESS ALL