Monday, November 29, 2010

AVID is Poison and Needs to be Banned from Cannabis Gardens

One of the Biggest Pain in the Butt about growing Cannabis is keeping the Garden Free of pests,mold and algae.

The BEST WAY is to have a Sterile Environment from the Very Beginning.

Try not to grow in Moldy environments like an Old Basement unless you Wall it in and Ventilate very well or you will regret it.

Mites are Fucked Up but can be Killed without using AVID.

I have been Looking on some sites on the Internet that have TERRIBLE ADVICE.

Truthfully AVID can be used if There is no Contact with Plants.The Problem is they are Spraying the POISON on the Plants and even Bragging about how it stays in the Clones for a few Generations.

I could not believe the IGNORANCE I was Reading.

I feel these are Greedy Youngsters who do not care.

This CANNA CARE Website was INSANE.

They say that THE TASTE is not Present.
How Frigging Ignorant can some of Us Potheads Be!

Keeping an Indoor grow under pest control is a Huge task.

I REPEAT the Cleaner the Environment to begin with the Less Pests.

Bad Ventilation and lack of filtering is the Number one reason.

BLEACH is Great Cleaner as Long as it does not get on the Plants( a little wont hurt)).Sulphur Stinks but is safer than AVID and discourages pests and mold.There are a few Natural Ingredients that work.I like Neem Oil,Eucalyptus oil and Peppermint Oil.Garlic has It's place also.

The Taste of The Buds are Important and residual Carcinogens are quite Unhealthy.AVID is a Carcinogen and I will say it again!
I can't Believe some Idiot is Telling Growers to Spray The Plants directly with AVID. Some Canna Care Site.

The HUGE grows will have to be Totally Sterile and have a Controlled entrance.Changing Clothes before and after leaving is a good Idea.Pests like to travel around on The Strangest Places and Hosts.

They will Hitchhike on You with a quickness.

I feel like taking a Political Shot at KAPLAN and REID while I can!

Having FOUR HUGE Warehouse Grows in Oakland is a s Crazy as Using AVID.

The smaller grows are easier to control.

Imagine a Huge Mite infestation in a warehouse,WOW!!

They better install the Best Ventilation system money will buy.Create an awesome air Flow and have the air Flow capacity high enough to Cleanse the air of The Bad Element.

Filters are Very Important.Just do not Let the air In from outside without filtering it first.Large Filter Boxes can be created using Wood and 4 inch duct Couplings on each end.Fill the Box with Three Filters.

When you change the Filters that is when you will see just how DIRTY the air is that comes from OUTSIDE.YUCK!!
Long Live Oaksterdam!

Please Grow a Product free of Pests and Chemicals.