Thursday, May 6, 2010

They Came From All Over California

The 420 Highway Lead to Oaksterdam in those Early Days of Medical Cannabis.

The Patients that flocked to Oaksterdam in those days when there were very few cities that had a dispensary.Oakland had Eight.The Customers came from everywhere and they spent money in the cafes and store all around Oakland and it became obvious that the medical cannabis community was good for downtown business in General with a few problems associated with the business like Bag Snatchers and Armed robberies.They came from Fresno,Sacramento,San Jose,Monterey,Fairfield,Stockton and they were coming from LA and that was a long trip for meds.Then clubs started sprouting up and the competition was not as fierce.San Francisco had quite the Proliferation but LA had a BOOM that was heard around the world.The dispensary business is world news now and the stigma is slowly going away and Citizens will not be subjected to such long trips.I know someone right now who comes from Reno to San Francisco every month and he is pissed that there is no dispensary in Reno yet but they are working on it.The law is as nebulous as California's and more strict.Patients still come from all over but it is as a tourist now.I can see Amsterdam Style Tourism soon in Oakland and San Francisco and the real ethical players will have a shot at Permits more easily than others.The Industry can be kept simple and then the small quaint Dispensary cafes similar too The Bulldog, Sr-71, and The Lemon drop will appear and really expand the menu a little.Oaksterdam will be Blazing a Trail of Course.The Sky's the Limit and the Future will be awesome in Oaksterdams Tourism Future. GOD BLESS ALL

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