Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tim Sidwell RIP

Tim Sidwell was One of the many unselfish aids patients who have given their services at OCBC and for the Benefit of the Entire Medical Cannabis community.He was there when the Feds said no more OCBC and he along with Jim McClelland and OTHERS opened the ZOO.This was an IN YOUR FACE FEDS event and I was so damn impressed with their undying dedication and the HUGE risks they were taking.The Zoo was concentrating also on getting as many coop members as possible growing so they could contribute and be part of the WAVE that was unstoppable.They had a bunch of clones available.I can remember some Jack Herer clones and some from Dennis and Ed.I know they had a bunch of support behind closed doors and that was the MAGIC that made it work.The Zoo and Company are some of the True Heroes of the Early Days of Oaksterdam.They knew that were only a few dispensaries in existence and going to The City to Champs and Berkeley to Toms was a hassle and they did not have the selection that the Zoo had especially the clones.I am Picturing Tim right now in my mind behind the counter SMILING,that did it I'm welling up.The Zoo was the start of something big in Oaksterdam when there was a proliferation of clubs shortly afterward.The Zoos boldness inspired MANY to open their doors and the feds had their hands full if they wanted to control and prosecute.They were True Trail Blazers and Heroes.Tim Sidwell had his way of killing pain and he would even smoke Cocaine sometimes.Tim was the most Productive Coke user there ever was,he used it to FEEL BETTER and if it worked Good for Tim.He knew he was fading and his behavior didn't help but OH WELL!! I Understand the nurses at the hospital gave up trying to control Tim when he wanted to medicate.I was at BPG on Sixth Street when the news came down that Tim had passed away and the Entire place was Eerily quiet for awhile and then the place broke into a celebration of Tim Sidwells life an Impromptu wake and it was an emotional experience when everyone was there and they celebrated with Jim McClelland and Jeff Jones who were really bummed out over it.I was very upset myself but celebrated a heroes life and smoked Jims Bubbleberry. He was a big lovable Guy That Oaksterdam will always miss dearly.Thanks Tim you were Awesome!!

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