Friday, May 7, 2010

The Professionals and The Future of Bay Area Cannabis Tourism

Dr Tod Was the First Doctor Around willing to risk his license.He really understood the Effects Cannabis Has on Citizens and Documented this for many Years.

Bill Panzer May Have a Pleasant Demeanor Outside the Court but inside the Courtroom his name says it all.

The Professionals that have helped the Cannabis Community through the years is a Huge List and Growing.The Doctors,Attorneys,Nurses,Bookkeepers,Construction Trades,The Horticulturists,The Lab Techs,The Bakers and Confectioners,The Video and Audio Producers,The Sign Makers,The Printers and Many Others.Some have made Cannabis the Focus of their Profession some are just part of cannabis commerce.The point is the Cannabis Industry is growing and it takes Professionals to continue the excellence that has already been achieved.Dr Tod and Dr Mike have been instrumental in establishing the Medical necessity and even though they have passed away their work has had an enormous impact even today.The Reason is their work also establishes the Benefits of Cannabis verses the Side effects and this will be helpful in ridding the Industry of the Evil Stigmas that continue to haunt the industry and slow the inevitable down.Oaksterdam has had Attorneys like Robert Raich,Bill Panzer.Tony Serra,Dennis Roberts,Zenia Gilg,Danny Schultz,Omar Figueroa, they have all made cannabis and drug defense their main focus.The Other professions depend on these attorneys to keep the Businesses running legally and from being considered criminals because they use cannabis in their business.The Beyond Bomb case was overzealous prosecuting of Commerce.The Tainted candy Makers that pissed off Hershey(SLUDGE) everyone can understand that dispute and The Trade mark infringement(WAHHH)but when the labels were Unique and not mimicking anybody then it was just GOOD MEDICINE that received a bad rap because of the Tainted products case with Hershey(BLECHH).The Feds were playing REAL dirty when they filed charges around Halloween trying to make the Candy makers look like they were supplying Kids.This was game changing for the Edibles Market and then New labels appeared totally unique and mimicking nobody.I am going to be getting into the confection business myself with chocolate and TEA.The Cannabis Industry is just beginning and it's time to find a Niche.The stigma will disappear and we will finally not have to worry about anything but Ethics and Greed.The Oaksterdam University is training some of these future Trail Blazers and Richard has Excellent Business Ethics so it will be passed on in the University.When Dale Clare spoke on Fox Business it was magical.She was precise and came across very professionally and gave the Industry Credibility,Thanks Dale Clare.She was great and She was inspiring.Her inspiration reminds me of the Time when There was a proliferation of clubs.I see a proliferation of Ethical Cannabis Business being Spurned by Richard Lee and his vision for Oaksterdam and The Future of Tourism.The Dispensary industry needs to stay 501C3 for the most part and that will keep the Drug thugs from taking over.This goes for the Adult recreational sales business that will be growing as the laws change.There will be a need for some kind of Rules and Sensible Palatable Regulations.Professionals will have it no other way.The Anarchists of course think I'm crazy,they may be right about the Crazy part but there is a need for regulation so limits and restrictions are known.I am excited about the possibilities and where this can go as far as Amsterdam style Cafes and A whole bunch of cannabis products and service Related Business in the Tourism Sector.The List of professionals involved is just going to keep on growing.The Sky's the limit.Time to create and be totally unique.I want to develop a Hemp blunt wrap as soon as possible for the citizens to have a healthy alternative to the CIGARS they use now,YUCK!!!!!.I swore there was one on the market and then It is gone,what's up with that?Let's get busy, any Ideas? I am sure Richard can answer that with a positive quote.I would be willing to stick my as on the line for a healthy wrap and if I am arrested OH WELL!!I can't stand the smell of blunts so it will be a labor of love.I have been looking into the supplies and Manufacturing and it is quite a huge Production.The regulations suck when it is considered a smokeable product.The blunt wrap makers are running into legal complications launched by the Attorneys for The Tobacco Industry.I never realized there were so many rogue makers until I was researching the subject.I am concerned about the FLAVORED Tobacco Blunt Wraps and the Industry that sells Flavored Alcohol Caffeine drinks with Additives.The youth are poisoning themselves with Flavored CRAP.I guess maybe I am getting old but I still see a Stupid trend.I can see an entire generation of citizens that Will have cancers that could have been prevented.I totally believe in the cancer fighting properties of cannabis but that does not extend to Cigar Blunts.The Tobacco level is too high.This is why the industry is so important.The replacement products for unhealthy products are endless.I got that rush up my back again and really see a bright future for Cannabis as long as we use ethical business practices and pay our TAXES we will just be another tax paying stiff,OH JOY!!!It's crazy I have never seen a Group of Citizens so Willing and Insistent in paying taxes,were such damn Good Americans it's Great!! GOD BLESS ALL

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