Friday, May 7, 2010

Jeff Jones President Green Aid and OCBC

Jeff Jones The City of Oakland's Cannabis Control Officer who takes the job very seriously and that has earned him the respect he deserves.Jeff and The Oakland Cannabis Buyers Coop took The Good Fight to the Supreme Court for the Right to Dispense Medical Cannabis to Patients that need the Relief.Jeff Jones is an advocate that has a True Passion for The Relief Medical cannabis has after seeing his father suffer and in his Home State and realizing later that cannabis could have been beneficial in helping him eat and cope with his illness.Jeff is a Pragmatic kind of Man who was perfect for the Job as Director of OCBC.His ethics and unselfish way of giving has assisted many patients who have had legal complications.He Understands the Impact being charged can have on a patient and was supportive of me and many others when Charges Were Filed Against us and helped us with the Legal Fight.The Patient Defense Fund was established to help Patients fight cultivation and possession charges and it saved my Butt,Thanks.Jeff was very thorough with establishing guidelines for Cultivation and having Literature available reflecting the different counties guidelines or lack of guidelines.Jeff had tried to communicate with many different jurisdictions during this critical period after the Law was passed about their medical cannabis policies.OCBC knew the Rogue DAs in the Really Conservative areas would be a Problem and they were.When Jeff and the OCBC staff contacted these different Jurisdictions about this issue they would either be assisted in establishing the guidelines or get the conservative runaround.He spent countless hours with the assistance of the Coop staff setting standards and working with these different jurisdictions to have written guidelines available for each region.This was important along with a Growers Certificate.Jeff has always had the Attitude that the more patients who grow for themselves the better.Jeff Jones and The Coop Set The Doctors note Verification and Id Card Standards for California.Jeff has also worked closely with many Doctors through the years From Dr Tod to Dr Mike in Helping to Document the Medical necessity of Cannabis.This is not only important in the medical cannabis community the Data will be useful in helping to establish the recreational use of cannabis and the Future Of Cannabis Tourism in Oaksterdam and The San Francisco Bay Area.Jeff is also very active in The Green Party and has been very successful in supporting joint projects in activism.Jeff Formed Green Aid with other Serious Activists to Support Eds Federal Cannabis Cultivation Trial.Jeff is Mr Green and Walks the Talk.He is in the Fight not only for quality medicine from God and Mother Earth but Jeff is extremely concerned about the effects That Ignorant Government Policy have on the environment and is "actively" participating to change the status quo.He is in the GOOD FIGHT in Many Levels.Jeff does not like Press and Prefers to sit on the sidelines and be a World Class Advocate.When he is called upon to Speak he is A Pro with the Press and is very careful not to give reporters anything they can use negatively.Jeff answers questions from the Hip real well.I see Oaksterdam has someone else who is great at that Role Now.Dale Clare was awesome on Fox Business and I can only imagine how pleased Jeff was.I was all emotional about the Future of Oaksterdam and I live in the City Lately.She answered the questions and came off really professional and Was very convincing in promoting The CANNABIS INDUSTRY and Oaksterdam University she was awesome.This is the kind of press Jeff,Richard,Countless Oaksterdam Players who played ethically and Many Fallen Heroes has worked very hard to make happen.Viable Credibility and Ethics have payed off for the Players who went The 501C3 Route and were The Setter of The Standards for the Industry.Jeff,The Bay Area and California Appreciates Your Hard Work and Dedication.Jeff worked with the City of Oakland to set dispensary guidelines and The Word went out From Jerry brown late 2002 and 2003 that Either go 501C3 or be History.The Ethical Dispensaries were already operating as non profits anyway.Of Course Jeff had his Say and influence and that is a GOOD thing.There has been Cries of Bad Politics and "Favors"and Jeff pulling Strings(Good Job Jeff).I feel the City made the Right Call because The "Others" Dug a hole and they ended up in it Whining when the Writing was on the Wall.Jeff was always weary that the Supply ethics could go awry and tried his best to keep the press positive but the Proliferation of Clubs in Oaksterdam had a life all it's own and some clubs had abhorable Greedy ethics(I Know).Karma and The Truth Prevailed in the End.This is the Goal I feel OCBC had I'm sure of it.Harborside is TOO BIG and I feel there will be many discussions in the future about the SIZE of Dispensaries and Jeff will be in the Middle.There will be a Compromise because More members do have buying Power and a Better Product because of the Draw of vendors but the small club atmosphere can't be beat.Jeff's job was to be real concerned about the Origin of supply and the Bad Element working it's way into Oaksterdam this was his commitment to the city.That is why he wanted the members growing and Being a COOP.Jeff has a very Utopian way of looking at the whole Picture and I feel the Same way.We can only hope most of the Players want to live up to a Standard of Ethics that will build credibility and kill the Stigma.Thank You Jeff Jone for your sacrifices and the risks you have taken.You were the Original Stealth delivery man with Matt Quirk.He did this with Dr Tods blessing and the thoughts of his own Fathers suffering still fresh in his mind motivating him to do his best.Jeff stepped up to fill a void when Dennis Peron was being Busted and Shut Down by Attorney General Dan Lungren in the City and the Patients needed the Medicine.This was one of Jeffs finest moments when he risked his freedom to deliver the Medicine in spite of a the Legal Complications.Jeff formed the OCBC with some Fallen Heroes and the rest is Oaksterdam History.Who knew that five years later the proliferation of clubs would become such a major issue.Jeff just keep on doing what you do so well.You are The Solid Foundation of Oaksterdam and will be available to insure the Cannabis Tourism industry in Oaksterdam will have a Code of Conduct. Thank You Jeff.

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