Thursday, May 6, 2010

Richard Lee True Pioneer

There are not Many Dispensary Operators that want Cannabis Legal for everyone and are willing to spend what it takes to Draft This Tax Act and Actually gather the required signatures.Richard Lee and Company Did It! VOTE YES to Regulate and TAX.

The Bulldog was one of the First Dispensaries in California.Richard Lee and Company Opened Up the SR71 and When the City allowed only Four Clubs the Bulldog was Closed leaving The SR71 to Dispense From.That Club is Now Called Coffee Shop Blue Sky.COZY PLACE.

Richard is Also Part of The Bay Area AJNAG.This Group Consists of Many of the Principals in Oaksterdam.They are true Trail blazers and Pioneers all of them.The Future of Cannabis Commerce Looks Bright.The Internet is Going to be an Important Tool to Disseminate the Message.AJNAG plans to use the Internet to the Full extent of it's usefulness.Time to get E-Busy and Use the Internet.

Richard is a Down to Earth Ethical kind of Guy.His Leadership has been the Driving force behind the Tax and Regulate,Tax Act.Be Assured the Tax Act was Drafted by the Most Experienced Principals in the Business.

Richard believed in the Future of Cannabis Commerce so much They Opened an Institution of Higher Learning,No Pun Intended.The Oaksterdam University is Getting National and World Recognition.

Richard Lee is doing more to make the Cannabis Industry Legit than many other dispensary owners.Richard Lee had Brass Balls when he placed that ad in the Express for Oaksterdam University.He wanted the Citizens to realize the Historical contributions and that there are going to be Rules and Standards.This is what Richard has done when he opened up Oaksterdam University ignoring the Snickers and the Naysayers that say "He will never be Accredited."I read this one tax blog that slammed Richard and of course he was Super Conservative.They are looking for reasons to slam the entire industry.Ken Estes was real good at providing Fodder for the BS Dogma Cannon the Conservatives like firing at the Citizens to enhance the Lies.Richard is Good at not giving the Conservatives any Fodder whatsoever.Richard has The Best Spokesperson Dale Clare,She was Very Informative and Fielded the Questions in a Professional Manner and WAS CREDIBLE and Disarming.I was all emotional after listening to her On FOX Business and I know Richard and Jeff were pleased TOO.The Naysayers are Running out of excuses and I want NO MORE Surprises.The Old Drug war is worn out and they want any kind of scandal.I want ALL skeletons out of the closet and the stigma to be Beaten to death with the Truth.The industry will be seen policing itself and that is good.I can't sit on the sidelines and act like I did not see a train wreck in progress when Oaksterdam was at it's height.The Rush to dispense By any means Possible was not without it's Side effects.I know Richard and Jeff saw the Future and were true to their convictions .The rush to dispense left the ethics sidelined and that lead to conflicts and bad resolutions.The dispensary owners that did it right like Richard Lee EARNED the respect he has now.He did not question the validity of the requests he just did them.He did not like Shutting down The Bulldog and only dispensing out of SR71.He wanted two smaller ones instead of One Large One like Harborside.He did what was requested by now defunct Deborah Edgerly,Go Figure HUH!Richard has also kept the price of he medicine as low as he can considering the market is dictated by many factors.The REAL DEAL is 3800 to 4300 a pound and that makes it hard to charge less than 40 or 45 for an 8th.Richard then takes profits and puts them into Oaksterdam.The University is a Trail blazer and now there is someone setting up an on line Cannabis University.The biggest mistake they can make is to help Ken Estes continue his Farce about being the Founder of The Grandaddy(Salmon Creek Big Bud x Urkle).I was in Humboldt when Ken put out the requests for The Grandaddy clones himself in winter 2003 and then he is the founder a Year Later.The Truth will prevail.I see the reason that there are now just a few clubs ETHICS!!Richard wasn't making side deals for QPs to 10 pounds in the side room and moving major weight out of the dispensary.The City ASKED for Best Practices and 501C3s and that was not happening everywhere but some clubs were setting an Example.Richard Lee has a motley crew of Awesome personalities working with him that have Ethics.They are setting the Standard we can trust and passing that on to other citizens so they can continue the Good Fight and Establish Cannabis Commerce in their Region.The Cannabis Cafes may just spring up From Eureka to Palm Springs who knows what the Future may bring.I know Richard thinks this way all the time and actually Keeps it Rather Simple(not planning EMPORIUMS) at the Same Time.The Club Zs of the Future need to also be non profit Quaint and have a social impact by sponsorship of Social Dependence Reform.The Future may see a Bunch of Club Zs helping Idle Citizens Collecting Benefits to become Productive and Independent.Who knows the Good that can be accomplished with 501C3s and The Right Planning when The Impact of the Empathy of The Cannabis Community materializes and embraces these social Issues and actually makes headway where other groups have failed.Time for Us To Shine!Richard Lee believes in OUR Cannabis Commerce Future and Commitment for Social Reform.Thanks Richard Lee.GOD BLESS ALL

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