Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ed Rosenthal The Guru of Ganja

There is No Doubt What Impresses Me The Most About Ed.That is The Fact that he Never Hid.He always published Cannabis writings and evaluations that were accurate and from hands on experience.He was not afraid to say that in HIS NAME.He Never made up a Fake Persona like many do to avoid Being Prosecuted.He Put Himself Out There for the Good of the Movement.Then When they Prosecuted him he Never even Thought about A DEAL.He Took The Fight To The Feds.He had Big Time Attitude About it!!The Deal Was He Was Right and The Government was Wrong.YOU ROCK ED!!

I No Doubt Love Ed Rosenthal but you would not think so when I make cracks about him.Sorry Ed you are a Big Narcissistic Target that I Love Dearly.Ed Rosenthal is a Narcissist with Credentials.He Does Know It All when it Comes to Cannabis!He is a true American Cannabis Advocate that has taken the fight all the way to the Supreme Court and Lost but it was an important Fight.He is still in the Feds face and would not accept the conviction period.Ed was a man who was an early pioneer in the Cannabis Advocacy Department.He wrote books and was a columnist for High Times and wrote many other articles that were great and informative.He was in the City when Dan Lundgren was messing with Dennis and he grew and distributed GOOD medicine through OTHERS.He really entered the battle though when he was deputized by Oakland to grow cannabis and was busted by the Feds.He was convicted but the conviction was overturned by the 9th District Court of Appeals.He then was tried again and convicted.He was not allowed to argue that he was a deputy of Oakland and That was Wrong and they Screwed ED Good. Judge Breyer tried to make up for what he Knows is a travesty by only sentencing him to A Day and Time Served.Ed Bitched about that because he was still convicted Federal Felon and that had implications that he does not need besides it was a Shallow victory and he knew it he wanted what was right he wanted full acquittal on all counts.He was Acquitted of the Charges stemming from the Harm Reduction Center Raid.When prop 215 was passed he worked with local authorities to help implement a safe supply.He is a Big Harm Reduction Fan and I expect to hear from him soon in the political fight for legalization in California just before we go to the ballot box.He has been a long time resident in the Hills of Oakland and was helping to supply some of the early Clubs but he knew himself that his ties to High Times Magazine and his Years of Being an Advocate wouldn't go unnoticed by the Feds nor does it have a Medical Appearance.So when he did finally get in the Spotlight he was Slammed Down Hard by the Brutal FEDS.Ken Hayes went to Canada and is just now facing the Feds Fury.James Halloran got Screwed too.The crowd at the Commonwealth Club chanting FEDS GO AWAY still bring tears to my eyes ED I was there and I had my Heart in it.I know what it feels like to be persecuted for cannabis is sucks.Ed Is An Important Asset to Oaksterdam University and What he does isn't work it's Love.He is Co Founder of The Bay Area Chapter of Ajnag which is Involved in The E-Future of Cannabis(Great Work).Ed is satisfied for the most part now with being an expert witness(he CHARGES of Course)and writing an Article now and then and Teaching at Oaksterdam University.That's All!!I am Quite grateful that you were a contributor to the Patient Defense Fund.Thanks for that Kindness Ed.You are an Activist who cares About the safety of all and a Big Hero TOO.When you announced to the crowd at a Green Function in San Francisco once that you had no underwear on under you Toga it was as FUNNY as Can Be but Strange.Jeff Blushed he was in the Audience passing around a Vapor Bag.That's what Makes you so Damn Interesting Ed You Have the Balls to say What's on Your Mind.Thanks Ed for Fighting The Good Fight. GOD BLESS ALL

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