Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pete Sutton Hash Oil King

Some of the most Pure Medicine in US History was produced by a Man named Pete Sutton.Pete Sutton made hash oil using the commercial grade ether method that many tried to copy and could not.Pete was told by the Feds after they busted him that his oil was anywhere from 96 to 98 percent THC and that is why it was the purest form of instant cannabis there ever was.The last VIAL of Petes OIL was saved by Kathleen Lemons and was presented to Kelly Sutton(his Widow) one day while we(Kelly and I) visited Kathleen(Kelly was a Good friend then)and KELLY SHARED IT WITH ME AND I WAS FLATTERED TO SAY THE LEAST.Kelly was in tears while we medicated thinking of her Late Husband Pete.I am NOW!!I never grew tired of her talking about Pete and I was smitten for her no doubt she was MY KIND of WOMAN.We eventually went our own ways and I expect to run into her again when the time is right.Pete Sutton delivered the Oil to only a few lucky vendors.Ken Estes was one of those.He liked Tom L from "Berkeley" also and Delivered to Jim McClelland.He lived in Oakland for awhile before moving to Reno.He loved the Oaklnad hills and lived close to Ed he said.I think he delivered some of the best OIL and concentrates ever to Oaksterdam.He would always stop off and leave 30 vials with Ken at least then go the CHAMPS and THe Hemp Center in the City and Jim McClelland and Tom L.Pete liked Ken Estes and Ken like him.Pete would get his ether from Olaff and Chemicals for Research and Industry in East Oakland before the Feds shut his doors.Jerry Brown made it clear that the days of ETHER extraction are over and he will prosecute anyone who does it now.The process is dangerous but Pete was careful and did only small batches and worked hard.I was privvy to the process and I feel it DIED with Pete because I will respect Jerrys wishes,HE's right it's dangerous.Pete was quite the Character and I am smiling thinking of him and Kelly.That damn Black Ice in April 2001 near Reno off Hwy 89 and that was it for Pete. GOD BLESS ALL

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