Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jack Herer RIP


Jack Herer has died a couple days after my aunt.This is a bad week for deaths.He no doubt was one of the Older Advocates who will be missed at hemp festivals this year.He had a heart attack and never really truly recovered.He did have some great moments and I was at one of them when he really worked a crowd.I will never forget talking with him for a couple minutes during an Oregon Hemp festival.I was surprised to See him because I heard he was ILL and He seemed real jovial.He was medicating and just enjoying PEOPLE like he always did at these functions.Your strains are Kinda old school now but still good if you grow it for an extra long cycle(9 weeks)they will be better.His books were always informative and I needed some of his advice and received it because he would answer an EMAIL.Pete Sutton the OIL man loved Jack and he loved Pete.Now there both gone Damn!!THANKS JACK GOD BLESS ALL

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