Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Lemon Drop

Mark Belote Opened a Cozy Cannabis Dessert Spot.The Lemonade was Great.

The Chocolate Decadance Cake was out of this world.Sorry it was Not tainted and was available to Everyone.The Dispensary was Downstairs and The Goodies Upstairs.

Mark Belote was a real go-getter who opened a very Artsy dispensary and chocolate Seller.He had Nice Artwork all over the Dispensary showing his taste and appreciation for the Art World.His Chocolate Cake was GOOD and the Cannabis to go with it was the Highest Grade for 50 bucks.Mark had some very good kief and hash that everyone liked.The Girls he had dispensing were Sweethearts and I can remember them working elsewhere in the System I wish them well.Mark is a Very friendly man who would always take time to talk.He had plans to expand and wanted to become wheelchair accessible but that would have been TOO expensive.He had to many Issues that were hard to resolve so he was closed Down.It was SAD for the Lemon Drop to be closed down it had it's own little distinct Personality that Harborside can't duplicate.These sort of small cozy clean and Artsy clubs need to always be allowed,I feel that this will be sort of the way to go With Club Zs.Marks Club was a Club Z just too early,DAMN!!Mark Loves everyone and was not a Snobby Club Owner at all.He never had a problem with Ken (like Larry) he liked Ken and also purchased medicine from him a couple times.I can remember him saying Ken Picked the Business up here Big Time and he admitted it.He is not a spiteful person and I expect to see him pop up somewhere if he hasn't already and I just don't realize it.The Proliferation of Clubs was Great and should have stayed that way.Every club had it's own little personality that HARBORSIDE will never have.Lemon Drops personality was awesome.I will never forget The Lemon Drop Mark and your Damn good Chocolate Cake and Lemonade. GOD BLESS ALL

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