Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Andrews Grow Shop and Class

Andrew Glazier is a very important early Player in Oaksterdam History with his extensive Knowledge of Cannabis Growing.He Opened a grow shop next to the coop and took risks selling Light Fixtures and nutrients because he was exposed to the Feds.He was threatened by the Feds and I think that made him turn over the shop to someone else.He was quite the explainer for me when I was confused how much water and how long to soak during Hydrponic water fills.THe Champagne Gals Mist the roots.Taking a look at the Grow Jim McClelland had in the Glove Building,The Zoo(In your face FEDS) and his place in Jack London Square Area long ago was also a learning experience and I was honored and hella lucky to be trusted.I found there are so Many ways to grow.Some prefer to let the roots be in the water all the time and some soak cubes.Andrew explained the different ways to me the in the most simple way and he explained exactly what to put in DIRT when I was using that.I prefer DIRT and Nutrients as well as many other Growers now.Hydrponics is too picky and easy to make mistakes and the damn Algae was FUCKED.He helped me through it ALL.Andrew went back into Partial Absentia and GREW his ASS off and luckily he never caught a bad case.Andrew has had an angel on his shoulder for awhile.I could never figure out what he did with the Grow shop supply store on Broaway but Somehow I believe that growing was important and having connections that could have legal implications for just supplying a Product for cannabis was too great. I also believe many people in the cannabis community have no idea how much these people risk when supplying these kind of supplies.The FEDS totally came down on Advanced nutrients because they worked so well.I love those nutrients.The beneficial Bacteria are a good addition.I have made root mass Double easily in 10 days.Andrew was a founding memeber of OShaugnesseys.He has served the cannabis community well.Jeff picked him as well as Richard does now because I believe he is one of the most underrated Experts in the business.I put him in the TOP TEN he knows his shit.Then he is a very easy going man who is not even close to Narcissistic like some of the other Experts.

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  1. Thanks for the nice comments. It was always about helping the sick, nothing more. The money clowns dug their own graves. Despite being popped and almost no one helping I have to say thanks to Rich for bailing me out, Bill for representing me and Ed and Jane for offering to hold a fundraiser. Also Pat at weedbay for coming to court. I quit for good when my daughter was born and it's nice to not be paranoid. I wish all the new kids well in Oakland and be careful but most important is it's about sick people, not money. Many people not listed here are dead and gone, it is they who are my heroes.


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