Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Larrys Compassionate Caregivers

The Compassionate Caregivers on the Third floor have always had the Commercial attitude and High Prices.He has been moving all over California like Ken and never really ran into problems until of all the Places Hollywood was being ASSHOLES and LA finally came down on the Vague USE permits.He had ambitious expansion plans that always run into problems.Larry ran into problems when his old location at 1740 Telegraph(The Third Floor)was raided and the HUGE grow shut down.THe Case Against Beyond Bomb was a dispensary Exterminator and also took down some effecient not so stealth growers.Thank God they didn't keep on going in this area because the Feds would have a field day.Larry went from the third Floor location at 1740 Telegraph to a store on Broadway/21st for a moment.The City still said NO!!I can't understand Why they were doing nothing WRONG but overcharging a bit!!This is when Larry went on his Statewide Campaign to dispenses cannabis that was Bold.I really like Drew one of his Employees who also had a link to the Butte County cannabis community like I did and was not Greedy.Sparky Rose tried doing his own thing but he was still considered a part of the Organization and had a hard time breaking free of Larry's and CCs Stigma and The Mission St Collective was turned upside down when THe Charges were filed.The Beyond Bomb Boys had really hemmed themselves into a corner when they used the Labels that were so close to Hersheys products and Hershey started throwing Lawyers at the whole damn thing.That kind of Label Mimicking lead to legal Stupid Provoked complications.Mike one of his Buyers split off and started the Green Door and a Scandal Rumor followed him and Luckily THe Feds haven't messed with The Green Door.Larry also had a decent Northern Connection but he Charged more for the Real Deal.Larry always had some decent high grades and a variety.CC had some BOMB Kiefy Romulan that was real tasty and some M39 that was incredible.Larrys TOO FAST thinking and trying to open up a dispensary everywhere put him in the Big Boys Radar and he really blew it when he could not Control the behavior around "The Yellow House"in West Hollywood.The LA Sheriffs had a hard on for Larry and he did not Squash it.The Yellow House started to get the kind of Bad Reputation The Brick House had for Ken Estes in Berkeley. I think Larry is a great advocate that will become well established in California's Cannabis business he may have been sentenced but time passes by quickly and he will come back.He hopefully will not succumb to the WEED Emporium mentality but has come CLOSE.I can remember when Larry kept copies of the Express on his table with "The Devil in The Wheelchair" Article made available along with The "When Pot Clubs go Bad" article by Chris Thompson.Ke Estes did not bad mouth Larry but Larry bad mouthed Ken.Ken was busy selling herb across the street and I was making deliveries from Humboldt.Larry's employees used to sneak into Kens dispensary because we were selling a damn good product.So was all of Oaksterdam. Larry was a very good speaker at City Hall so I really do not understand what he did wrong besides grow TOO MUCH at his dispensary and charge too much.The West Hollywood location was his downfall.The Feds Have really pulled the Plug on Larry but he will come back someday.OH WELL GOD BLESS ALL

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