Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jim McClelland and BPG

I can't say enough about the first CFO of OCBC.He was someone who gave his best to help others even though his own health was not always that good.That didn't show because he was not a whiner he was a WINNER.I am going to be welling up real soon as I do his.I really Appreciated Jims coaching and Andrews when I set a grow up.Jim was one of the gears that set OCBC in motion and When OCBC was shut down by the Feds he moved the location LESS than a BLOCK to 1734 Telegraph and The Zoo was born.The Zoo had a Large Selection of Medicine and many Clones that was one of the focuses of the Zoo was to get the Patients growing.The Clones came from many well known sources and the Support was BIG.That is when they realized that was not enough to quell the feds so Jim went to Berkeley and found a location on Sixth and he opened Berkeley Patients Group.The Zoo became The Oakland Patients Group and moved to 1901 Telegraph.BPGs 6th street location was magical and emotional when the news came down that Tim Sidwell had passed away.The Place became eerily silent for awhile and then BPG broke into a celebration of Tim's life.The Sixth Street Location was short lived because of NIMBYISM.He then found a location on San Pablo that was perfect.The Old Location for Berkeley Rentals.He had a great product at a decent price.He had a very aggressive Compassion Program that made his dispensary sort of sliding scale provider.BPG keeps track of purchases and gives rewards for being a good customer.Jim was a Generous man and was quite nice to me a few times when I had been busted and facing charges and hella broke.I really liked his Bubbleberry and feel it is not the same anymore.Jim's BOLD Move when he and others opened up the Zoo was A BIG Inspiration for many Players in Oaksterdam and proliferation of Dispensaries followed.Jim McClelland was also the one who coined the Name Oaksterdam when Andrew inspired the name by saying That Oaklands Cannabis Community needs a Name.Oaksterdam was Born and this is Oaksterdam History.Jim was an Ill man and it just never showed,He was such a doer and not a whiner.He left a Legacy that still funtions well and you can see his Picture on the Wall when you enter BPG.Say Hi to him next time he hears you his spirit is there and will always watch over along with Tim's and Dr Mikes and many other unselfish Providers who were Ill themselves yet gave unselfishly to the End.I say It's Too Bad You ALL are Not Here to See all the Future Cannabis Commerce and Tourism spurned by the Educators at Oaksterdam U.You would love it Jim.Thanks Jim McClelland you will never be Forgotten. GOD BLESS ALL

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