Friday, May 7, 2010

Angel Raich and Diane Monson

Two Vey Brave Women.Thanks Ladies!

Angel Raich and Diane Monson are True Medical Cannabis Freedom Fighters.They took our case to Medicate all the way to the Supreme Court and for a moment onj Dec 16th 2003 The Patients won and then John Ashcroft filed his writs and Complaints and this time he was the respondent(DAMN).The case was heard in Reverse and for some stupid reason they won because the laws are written in such a manner that it is impossible to win without changing them.Angels husband Roberty Raich was the Attorney and he was awesome.The Following Organizations filed Amicus Curiae Briefs in support of Our Rights as a patient and are honored for trying,THANK YOU.Their efforts were not in Vain and there will be justice as soon as Society demands the laws be changed.The Organizations and Individuals are as follows:The Institute for Justice
,Constitutional Law Scholars,Patients from The Following States Alabama,Maryland,Louisiana,Mississippi,Washington and California.The Lymphoma Foundation,Hiv Medicine Patients,Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America,American Medical Students Association,Dr Barbara Roberts an Irvin Rosenfield.The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,Pain Relief Network,California Medical Association,Aids Action Council,Compassion in Dying Foundation,End of Life Choices,National Women's Health Network,Global Lawyers and Physicians and AUTONOMY Inc.,California Nurses Association and DKT Liberty Project,Marijuana Policy Project and Rick Doblin Phd,The CATO Institute,NORML ,NORML Foundation,National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers,Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers,Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and The Reason Foundation.THAT IS ONE HELL OF a Bunch of Support and Still the Archaic laws ended up prevailing.Then of Course all the Usual Type of Brainwashed Dogma Driven groups lined up Against the Patients as Follows:They Read like The Old Rolodex File on Nancy Reagan's Desk,The Drug Free America Foundation,The Drug Free Schools Coalition,Save our Society from Drugs,The International Scientific Medical Forum on Drug Abuse,The Institute on Global Drug Policy(REAL SICKOS),Students taking Action not drugs,Robert L Dupont MD,Peter Bonsinger and Herbert Kleber MD,The Following U.S. Representatives,Cass Ballenger,Dan Burton,Katherine Harris,Ernest Istook Jr,Jack Kingston,Doug Ose.The list is Half the size as the list of supporters and they are just the Generic Drug Haters.The Supreme Court may have ruled in favor of the Law but he Law will change.The Biggest Change in my opinion needs to be how it is scheduled.That will be the game changer.Thanks Angel Diane and Robert and all who gave their time and Effort FOR US.You ARE AWESOME Freedom and Civil Rights fighters.WE Shall Prevail in The End. GOD BLESS ALL

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